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2011 HCLA – Community Outreach

Honoree: Molly Stockley, Director of Marketing, Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaMolly Stockley - AZ Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011

After working in broadcast journalism and media for 18 years, Molly Stockley decided to change careers and accepted the position of director of marketing at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). Stockley’s motivation to enter the health care industry was sparked after a close friend passed away from an aggressive form of cancer. This friend had struggled through the treatment process, and Stockley believed switching careers would be an opportunity to make a difference and honor the memory of her dear friend.

Since her career change, Stockley has made a large impact in raising cancer awareness. In October 2008, she co-founded the Kristi Cares Melanoma Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to educate Arizonans about the dangers of skin cancer. As a member of Leadership West’s Class XVI, Stockley worked with her team to develop the Learn Don’t Burn project, which outfits facilities with sunscreen dispensers and information about sun safety. The project has since taken off and has been introduced in 20 Valley locations. Leadership West President Landis Elliot called the project “the most impactful Leadership West project in history.” Stockley went on to win Leadership West’s 2010 Project of the Year.

Finalist: MIHS Center Against Family Violence, Maricopa Integrated Health System

Center For Healthcare Against Family Violence - AZ Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011Since 2001, the Maricopa Integrated Health System’s Center Against Family Violence has provided the only hospital-based domestic violence program in Arizona. It also is among the few in the country to offer orders of protection on-site to qualifying patients. The center’s mission is to provide an outlet for victims of domestic violence and to potentially stop the cycle of abuse they face.

The center provides safety planning to its patients, helps to make arrangements for secure shelter, invites patients to attend a weekly support group and offers safety education. In addition, the center also makes a difference indirectly by offering training to medical students and residents.

Finalist: Jean Revard, Director, Food/Environmental Services, Paradise Valley Hospital

Jean Revard - AZ Business Magazin Mar/Apr 2011

Jean Revard has an insatiable appetite for service. As director of food and environmental services at Paradise Valley Hospital, Revard is responsible for overseeing a staff of 37 in the various operations of food preparation at the hospital and managing the team that maintains all patient rooms and hospital areas.

With 25 years of experience, Revard has eclipsed the requirements of her position by engaging in multiple programs at the hospital. Working with the hospital’s Health for Life Initiative, Revard teamed up with cardiac rehab personnel, nurses, dietitians, and the hospital’s chef and kitchen manager to arrange a number of cooking demonstrations for people with diabetes and heart-related medical conditions.