Downtown Phoenix at night

30 things business leaders often say about Arizona

As a business publication, we talk about Arizona with the movers and shakers of our state on a near daily basis.

During the course of our interviews, there are many common talking points that come up in our conversations.

As a result, the team here at Az Business magazine and AZRE decided to crawl through our notes to pick out some of the most often heard things business leaders say to us about the Grand Canyon State:

  1. “We have a low cost of business”
  2. “Live, work, play”
  3. “We were hit really hard by the Great Recession.”
  4. “Unlike in California…”
  5. “We have to become less reliant on the housing sector.”
  6. “The quality of life here is phenomenal.”
  7. “We have great weather eight months out of the year.”
  8. “Downtown Phoenix has really come into its own.”
  9. “The great tax environment..”
  10. “We need to do something to address education.”
  11.  “And the Sixth C of Arizona should really be…”
  12. “Since the Great Recession…”
  13. “We have an entrepreneurial spirit.”
  14. “The Next Hot spot…”
  15. “We need to be able to compete with Texas and Silicon Valley.”
  16. “The availability of land sets us apart.”
  17. “The folks at the legislature need to…”
  18. “A vibrant arts community”
  19. “We have a very talented and skilled workforce.”
  20. “Since the light rail came in…”
  21. “Now that we’re out of the Great Recession…”
  22. “Our slow and steady recovery…”
  23. “Synergy”
  24. “Public-private-partnerships”
  25. “As long as the legislature doesn’t…”
  26. “The business friendly climate here…”
  27. “Natural disaster free – no hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or tsunamis.”
  28. “300 days of sunshine a year.”
  29. “We’re only a few hours’ drive from the beach.”
  30. “Arizona needs an identity beyond the Five Cs.”

What’s your favorite thing you hear folks say about Arizona? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.