Az Business magazine launches ‘Silicon Desert Insider’

Arizona is home to a diverse range of startups and technology firms that are changing the state’s economy. And many of these firms have big success stories.

As more success stories happen, more innovations are found and issues arise, we here at Az Business magazine want to keep a pulse on this growing technology community – commonly known as the Silicon Desert.

Each week, with “Silicon Desert Insider,” we hope to showcase the trends, successes, issues and much more within Arizona’s technology industry on Be sure to check every Wednesday morning for the latest edition of “Silicon Desert  Insider.”

We’re kicking off “Silicon Desert Insider” this week with its first piece about how the local startup community needs to grow up.

Arizona is building satellites, sending spacecraft to Pluto, developing game-changing software and creating spaces and hubs for innovation. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Startups from across Arizona have now gathered for three years in a row for PHX Startup Week, where startups and entrepreneurs further develop and build Arizona’s technology community. Phoenix is shedding its identity as just another low-cost alternative, and is rising as one of the premiere places to do business in.

Local startups are turning into success stories, and there is always an up and coming startup to winning investment money at the latest fast pitch competition.

There are dozens of success stories to tell, and there will be more in the future.

With “Silicon Desert Insider” we’ll bring you stories written by the very people making the idea of a Silicon Desert happen, while highlighting the latest trends and issues.

As we kick off this weekly blog, we’d also like to invite local members in the technology community to contribute to “Silicon Desert Insider.”

Silicon Desert Insider is a weekly blog published every Wednesday morning on, about the local technology industry. If you have an idea for a piece for “Silicon Desert Insider,” please email AZ BIG Media Digital Editor Jesse A. Millard at

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