Phoenix-based DeLex Realty launches reality show

With realty programming serving as such a huge portion of what television watching consists of today, DeLex Realty in Phoenix is debuting its own reality television show — designed to help homebuyers find their perfect home.

Last Home Standing,” a new show airing on Cox 7, gives viewers an in-depth look at buyers making the final decision between two homes — with two experienced Realtors vigorously debating why they should pick their home versus the other.

Hosted by DeLex Realty President Daniel McCarthy, with Kathy Lawrence serving as executive producer and Realtors Slava Kosta and Terry Day, the show is aimed at helping the homebuyers get the very best home, while introducing viewers to the Realtor team at DeLex Realty.

“With this series, we want to give people an authentic peek into the home-buying process, but also show them how far our Realtors are willing to go to ensure our clients get the best home for their needs,” McCarthy says.

With filming taking place at the end of the March, the reality documentary is scheduled to air in 16 segments on various times throughout the month of April, with possibility of a second series at the conclusion.

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