West Coast based companies, were surveyed on their predictions for 2011 in terms of cutbacks and staff reorganization.

Firms Forecast Fewer Job Cutbacks in 2011

After the housing market housing burst in late 2006, the economy has seen its worst years since the Great Depression.  As our country struggled with enormous financial dishonesty, billions in bailout money, an astronomically high national debt, and over 9% unemployment, job security has seemed to be wildly unstable — until now.

According to a recent survey by Right Management, the worlds largest career and talent management consulting firm,  few cutbacks are predicted for the new year.

Over 700 national firms, of which 83 are West Coast based companies, were surveyed on their predictions for 2011 in terms of cutbacks and staff reorganization.  Of the surveyed companies, 22% of western firms forecast fewer cutbacks in 2011, and not a single national firm predicted a significant number of cutbacks.

Forecast Fewer Job Cutbacks

Right Management has offices in over 50 countries and more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies currently utilize the company to work efficiently and increase productivity.

In hopes to revive the economy, business growth is the first step.  An expansive job market would provide the American people with a feeling of economic growth and stability, of which they haven’t felt in over four years.

President Obama’s address last Monday to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spoke directly at business owners across the country.   “Make government an ally rather than an obstacle to companies as they emerge from the worst economic downturn in generations” said Obama, according to the Washington Post.  In a direct challenge to the American people, Obama urged the need for  business’s to put their employee’s first, and start hiring again.

“An organization’s people are, in the end, the only differentiators that may be sustained” said Douglas Sietsema, Right Management’s talent leader in the Western region.  Sietsema believed 2011 needs a “coherent strategy around talent in order to deliver on increasingly aggressive business goals”.

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