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How To Get Started On AZNow.Biz

How to Set Up a Profile

Welcome to AZNow.Biz!

AZNow.Biz is the online companion to Arizona Business Magazine, but it is so much more. We want the Arizona community to converse with us and with each other on AZNow.Biz. If you want to post an article, infographic, snapshot, video or a list, we’ll welcome your contribution with open arms.


Just want to skip ahead and create a post already with our easy, step-by-step instructions?

Go for it!


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Here’s how to get the conversation started:

Step One:

Underneath the top search box, you’ll find “Register.” Click “Register” to begin setting up your profile.

Register for AZNow.Biz

Step Two:

A new screen will pop up and ask you to pick a username and enter a correct e-mail address. Remember, this username will appear when you create or comment on a post, so choose wisely.

Step Three:

You will be e-mailed a temporary password. When you receive the password, enter it into the password field that will appear after registering.

Register for this site

Step Four:

You’ll be taken to the Dashboard and a red box asking you to change your auto-generated password will appear. Click “Yes, take me to my profile page.”

Dashboard, Profile Page

Step Five:

Creating your profile. Once you’re at your profile you can add your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or website addresses so that people can find you.  We encourage you to make your profile as detailed as possible, but it is not required.

Add more information about yourself... 


You can write a short bio about yourself and even upload a photo that will appear next to your posts. A square photo will work best — 120 Kb maximum.

After you’ve completed your profile you’re ready to get posting and conversing with the AZNow.Biz readers. When you create a post, your profile appears next to it.  It is a great way to get your name out there, add to your resume and just let people know it’s you who’s doing the posting.


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