Why Should You Hire An Interior Designer?

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a single room, or just thinking of changing colors and accessories in your home, hiring a professional interior designer will go a long way. You want someone with knowledge, style, who is in tune with today’s up coming trends. Someone you can trust, who is in sync with your ideas and can help you realize your dream — and saves you money, time and many mistakes you might make during this process.

What a designer brings to the project:

  • A designer gives you a professional assessment of your situation.
  • A designer can help you develop a solid plan of action.
  • A designer can help you reduce the cost of materials.
  • A designer supplements the work of an architect, home builder or contractor.
  • A designer can often provide you with discounts on furnishings and accessories you would not otherwise get from retailers.

“When a designer saves you money, its the kind of number that includes the time, aggravation, and worry. It is hard to put a price tag on not having stress.”



Before an interior designer... After hiring an interior designer...

Common problems found in today’s interiors:

  • Awkward floor plan
  • Out of date kitchen and/or bathroom
  • Problem windows
  • Lack of space or storage
  • Bad color choice
  • Low light and/or poor light
  • Lack of or poor architectural details

Before: After:
Before an interior designer... After hiring an interior designer...

Important factors to consider when hiring an interior designer:

  • Designers have the education and experience to narrow down selections for you to choose from. This eliminates the possibility of a poor purchasing decision.
  • Trained designers measure carefully; create a scaled furniture plan before ordering to make sure things will fit.
  • Designers have the knowledge to choose the right style for the room.
  • Designers offer you solutions that you may not have considered as an option. Just as any another professional in their line of expertise can offer you alternative solutions, so does a designer.
  • Designers travel to trade shows like the ICFF, NEOCON, DWELL (to name a few), attend seminars, and maintain large libraries of digital on line catalogs and can order samples to choose from.
  • They save the client the effort of research and travel to get what they need. They offer solutions and products that aren’t seen in stores you normally visit.

Before: After:
Before an interior designer... After hiring an interior designer...

Can you afford not to hire an interior designer?

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