healthcare leadership awards - AZ Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011

HCLA 2011- Hospital Executive

Honoree: David Veillette, President and CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

David Veillette - AZ Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011David Veillette, president and CEO of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, is a leader and innovator in medical technology — and his accomplishments are evident across the country.

In 2002, he built the first all-digital heart hospital in the nation at Indiana Heart Hospital. Then, in 2008, Veillette established the first all-digital cancer hospital in the nation, Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The digital aspect of the hospital allows for improved efficiencies. It provides access to real-time patient data, improves communication across departments, creates development of treatment plans more quickly, reduces medication errors and cuts the turnaround time for lab results.

Living by the motto, “It’s only and always about the patient,” Veillette prefers to roam the halls of his hospital instead of sitting behind a desk. This way he can meet with hospital visitors and assess the experiences of his facility firsthand. Veillette also has an emotional investment in his patients, often holding a patient’s hand as he or she receives chemotherapy or drinking a cup of joe with a family member as they anxiously wait for their loved one to complete surgery.

Finalist: Jo Adkins, CEO, West Valley Hospital

Jo Adkins - AZ Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011Overseeing a staff of nearly 600, Jo Adkins serves as CEO of West Valley Hospital in Goodyear. She has an ingrained commitment to excellence that allows her to transform mediocre hospitals into extraordinary facilities.

West Valley Hospital is an affiliate of Abrazo Health Care. Since Adkins’ arrival in 2008, the hospital is now a certified cardiac arrest center, a designated chest pain center, and a stroke center of excellence. Identified for its newfound commitment to excellence, West Valley Hospital also was recognized for Patient Safety and Pulmonary Care by HealthGrades. These changes are not a coincidence, but a product of Adkins’ determination, leadership and unwavering vision.

Finalist: Ruth W. Brinkley, RN, MSN, FACHE, President and CEO, Carondelet Health Network

Ruth Brinkley President and CEO of Carondelet Health NetworkThroughout her 30-year career in the health care industry, Ruth W. Brinkley has used her insight, wisdom, creativity and leadership to positively impact the organizations for which she works. She has anticipated and met the rapidly changing needs of the health care industry.

Brinkley joined Carondelet Health Network (CHN) in Tucson as president and CEO in 2008. She has developed four Centers of Excellence and led the investment in and development of Carondelet Neurological Institute.

She has also strengthened the financial performance of CHN from a $14 million operating loss to a projected $10 million profit in her first 18 months.