HCLA 2014: Bioscience Company


Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)

TGen has made great strides in the field if genomics medicine. TGen researchers work to help physicians prescribe drugs that are designed more intelligently, work more effectively and have fewer toxic side effects. They have received numerous grants to support research into brain cancer and brain injuries, advanced cancers, Parkinson’s, rare childhood disorders, and more.


Barrow at PCH

Barrow at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is dedicated to using innovative technology to help diagnose and treat children. This year, it joined the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering at ASU to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and also purchased an alternative machine to prevent sedation for MRIs for children with various problems.

Sonora Quest

As the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services, Sonora Quest’s’ Care360 cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) ranked N. 1 in several categories in the Black Book 2013 Rankings. Sonora is committed to innovative connectivity solutions that help doctors use diagnostics and other information to promote favorable outcomes for patients.

HCLA 2014 Winners & Finalists

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