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Peak Performance Training Improves Athletic, Business Performance

We all know athletes go to the gym to work out their bodies, but did you know many of them are also working out their brains, too? Top athletic performance comes from more than just physical training, so more and more athletes are aiming to get that extra edge through peak performance training of the brain.

Dr. Sanford J. Silverman is a licensed psychologist who specializes in helping people “work out” their brains, clinically referred to as peak performance training. This peak performance training helps athletes improve their mental focus, which in turn boosts their physical abilities to perform successfully.

This training does not solely benefit athletes, but business professionals also sharpen their performance in the office through peak performance training techniques. The strengthening of metal focus provides individuals with the ability to function more efficiently regardless of what their goals and profession may be.

Such training occurs through the use of advanced technologies and coaching by Silverman. He utilizes techniques such as neurofeedback, interactive metronome, quantitative EEG brain maps and S.M.A.R.T. brain games. Although the names of the programs sound complicated, the activities are simple for the trainee to understand. Each method works on multiple levels to observe brain patterns, and with Silverman’s coaching, individuals are able to use the technologies to improve their brain’s performance abilities.

The interactive metronome process involves the individual clapping on beat with chimes he or she hears for an extended period of time. As the patient is geared up with headphones and plates on their hands, he or she claps as they hear the tone, while their progress is visible on the computer screen in front of them. The placement of a circle on the screen reveals how close to the beat the individual is on each clap.

Other training activities include playing video games without a controller. The patient improves metal focus by being hooked up to a computer that measures the brainwaves. The patient controls the boats in a boat race video game with his or her brain and mental focus. A computer screen to the left of the computer with the video game depicts the brainwave patterns revealing the patient’s success in mental focus on the video game.

These training programs may seem like trivial activities, but they in fact improve the brain’s ability to focus in many ways. This peak performance training influences the brain on multiple levels, improving the recipients’ work-life, athletic performance and personal relationships with one’s self and others. The programs also improve the individual’s confidence, self-esteem and ability to multitask.

The most crucial aspect of Dr. Silverman’s peak performance training is the individual tailoring of a program for every person who comes in. He hosts an initial consultation with each participant before the training begins. This meeting provides all the necessary information to develop a specific and beneficial training program for that particular individual.

With the consultation complete and Silverman’s personalized training plan in hand, the patient then comes in for one or two sessions per week to conduct the training. During these sessions, the doctor will utilize a certain combination of the brain technology techniques previously mentioned.

Josh Otero, longtime patient of Dr. Silverman’s said that the training has really helped him become more efficient and effective.

“I’m more aware of what I bring to the table in my professional life, and I’m much more confident and comfortable in interacting with others,” Otero says.

He also says that the training has helped him in three major ways, including his professional career, athletic performance and his personal life.

“It helps me train better in my running; it’s made me much more patient with my kids, and I’ve been able to streamline my business by focusing on the clients that will bring the most potential for me,” Otero says.

Dr. Silverman’s Center For Peak Performance has helped hundreds of individuals like Josh Otero improve their mental fitness. Silverman says his goal is to train people to have clearer direction in life in order to achieve their goals to their highest potential, whatever they may be.

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