Valley Pain and Wellness Center

Valley Pain And Wellness Center Provides Personalized Treatment Plans

The Valley Pain and Wellness Center, located in Chandler, focuses its services on the personalization and customization to meet the needs of patients.

This new health and wellness center is run by the husband-and-wife duo of doctors Anne L. Perez and Ryan Bowling.

The couple works to provide their patients with a wide variety of services and treatment plans that they aim to make drug and narcotics-free until necessary. “It’s refreshing to give them [the patients] a different option,” says Dr. Perez.

Dr. Perez adds that many people are tired of taking medications and not seeing adequate results. She acknowledges the fact that different patients respond differently to treatments, and so treatment plans must be personalized and customizable to fit the needs of each individual patient.

The Wellness Center provides medical pain management services, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, on-site imaging, massage therapy and many other services to patients of all ages. The center also provides Botox injections – but they’re not only used to remove wrinkles and exaggerate bone and lip structure. The Valley Pain and Wellness Center uses Botox injections for the treatment of migraines, a common condition from which the center’s patients suffer.

The clinic also uniquely provides prolotherapy, a regenerative injection therapy for the treatment of weakened connective tissue and musculoskeletal pain, as well as nerve-conduction studies, which are diagnostic tests for neurological conditions.

Since November 2011, its opening day, Dr. Perez says the clinic has been welcoming patients of all ages and backgrounds. Some of the more common conditions from which the patients suffer, she says, are migraines, and neck and back pain and immovability. Dr. Perez also says they have a large number of child patients suffering from sports injuries.

“It’s been great,” says Dr. Perez. “Recently, we’ve been getting our patients’ families and friends coming in. That let’s us know we’re doing our job.”

Dr. Perez says the most rewarding thing about her job and the opening of this clinic is that it allows her to “give patients the hope to live pain-free.” It is in the stories of grandparents who are now able to play with their grandchildren without suffering from pain that she finds her career’s purpose, she says.

For more information about the Valley Pain and Wellness Center, please visit

Valley Pain and Wellness Center

4990 S. Gilbert Rd., #3
Chandler, AZ 85249
(480) 895-3233

3 thoughts on “Valley Pain And Wellness Center Provides Personalized Treatment Plans

  1. Jim

    I was experiencing lower back pain off and on for a couple of years. After 4 sessions I started feeling better and after 6 weeks I was pain free.

    If you are experiencing any type of back pain I would highly recommend a visit to Valley Pain & Wellness Center.

    Dr. Anne & Dr. Ryan are Great!

  2. Karina

    I came to Dr. Perez and Dr. Ryan searching for some pain relief in my neck and numbness in my hand. Not only have I experienced a significant improvement, but they have helped me resolve other issues. I love coming to their office because it’s obvious that they really care about their patients. If I have an ache, a pain, or any other concern, they are on it right away. Everyone that works in this office is ready to make you feel right at home and is ready to provide you with the care you need in the friendliest way possible. I just can’t say enough. Come in and give them a try, you won’t be sorry.

  3. Ceit Lanier

    After years of chronic pain and an injury to my shoulder and, having gone to other chiropractors as well as an acupuncturist, I finally have relief! Dr. Anne and Dr. Ryan, including their massage therapist, Charles, have worked together as a team towards a concerted, holistic approach to pain management. Their thorough knowledge and caring attitude have made a difference in getting mobility back into my shoulder, upper back, and neck. I highly recommend seeing them at their practice no matter where in the Phoenix valley you live as it is so worth it to see them! THANK YOU!!!

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