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NASA Shuttle Infographic

NASA Shuttle Atlantis Landing Tribute: Space Exploration Infographic

NASA Shuttle Atlantis made a flawless landing Thursday morning (July 21st) in the early morning hours, marking the end of an era as the 30-year program comes to a close.

As heartfelt goodbyes and tears of joy filled the Kennedy Space Center, Chris Ferguson, NASA Shuttle Atlantis mission commander, spoke a hopeful note.

“The space shuttle changed the way we view the world, the way we view the universe,” Ferguson told NASA mission controllers. “America’s not going to stop exploring. Thanks for protecting us and bringing this program to a fitting end.”

To honor this momentous occasion, AZNow.Biz proudly presents this three-part infographic outlining the public’s opinion on America’s continued leadership in space exploration, as well as 10 NASA inventions you might use everyday and a brief visual history of the shuttle program itself:

America's Space Exploration, NASA Shuttle Atlantis Tribute