Larry Ryckman - AZ Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011

Larry Ryckman, CEO, Studio One Media And MyStudio

COMPANY: Studio One Media/MyStudio

Title:  CEO


Established 2008

Becoming an overnight star isn’t too farfetched these days, what with reality shows such as “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” Getting noticed? Now that’s the tricky part.

“MyStudio offers aspiring musicians and entertainers a way to showcase their talents,” explains Larry Ryckman, CEO of Studio One Media, a diversified media and technology company that developed the MyStudio concept.

Studio One Media’s subsidiaries and divisions include MyStudio, MyStudio Audio Labs, MyStudio Music and MyStudio Management.

Studio One, whose corporate headquarters are in Hollywood and its technical and operations site in Scottsdale, has four MyStudio locations around the U.S., including one at Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. The studios feature Hollywood-style green screen technology. The lighting is custom programmed for each virtual background, and the sound quality is derived from a specially engineered acoustic design and a proprietary audio signal sequencing process. A person can record an up to five-minute personalized video for $20.

Videos are available within minutes for viewing at upon completion of the recording, and users may order a complimentary CD or DVD. Videos are protected with a privacy pass code, and the user can decide whether to make the video available to the public. Users may also create links between the MyStudio website and other social networking sites. Users may also download their videos to cell phones.

“Our goal over the next year is to be in most major cities; critical mass in the United States,” Ryckman says. “There is also inbound interest in Europe. I think we can do exceptionally well in those international markets. We see tremendous opportunity.”

Arizona Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011