Valley attorney launches ‘triage’ service

Valley attorney and well-known venture capitalist, Morris Callaman, Esq., has launched a new type of non-traditional law firm – he describes his work as triage attorney.

As a concierge attorney, Callaman offers personalized problem solving to his clients in almost every area of practice. Rather than specialize in one specific subject matter, like family, corporate or contract law, Callaman assumes the role of general counsel to his clients and advises them on the best resolution to their situation. After understanding the issue and helping the client fully understand the situation, Callaman calls on his network of experts to solve the problem.

The idea was developed after years of using his corporate experience as the youngest Principal at accounting firm Ernst & Young, as well as his degrees in business, engineering, and law to operate a private micro venture capital firm. Callaman realized the unique needs of his clients spanned much greater than securing financing and start-up advising.

“My clients first need an ethical problem-solver, and they trust me, and that’s what I do. Many times, my clients need someone they can trust with highly confidential or personal issues – whether it’s a high-profile divorce or the bankruptcy of a highly visible company. My clients don’t have the time to be searching for the best litigator for their problem or best tax counsel for their project, so they call me and I make a plan, assemble the best team to get the job done, and guide my clients through the process.”

His model of practice is similar to that of the triage team in a hospital emergency room. However, instead of passing the client off to the most qualified expert, he oversees the entire case from start to finish, creating highly personalized solutions.

Callaman believes that the traditional law firm model has become destructive to the profession and often to business in general.

“As a society, we don’t admire lawyers as we used to,” said Callaman. “Still, lawyers tend to get into law because they have a sense of ethics and concern for others. Too often, the traditional processes make it feel as if lawyers have somehow lost their way. I’m interested in changing that with this new model of law practice.”

Callaman has been hired to resolve issues with regulators, navigate corporate turnarounds, guide celebrity divorces, litigate contract cases, and negotiate financings.

For more information, visit or call 480-250-4315.

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