state flag - centennial medallions available

Arizona’s Centennial Medallions Available Online

Arizonans can now celebrate Arizona’s five “C’s” with two more — commemorative coins.  Developed and produced by the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission, centennial medallions are now available for purchase on the Centennial Commission’s website.

The Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC) was organized to create awareness and promote observance of Arizona’s Centennial at the local and state level in 2005.  As a part of their responsibilities, the commission was tasked to develop and issue commemorative medallions.

The gold, silver and copper medallions are two-sided disks have the text “Arizona centennial medallion – February 14, 1912 – 2012,” cast on one side and the state seal struck on the other.

The price of the medallions will vary as the cost gold, silver and copper fluctuates.  The gold medallion, is currently valued at $3,128 while the silver and copper medallions are $65 and $5 respectively. Visit the Centennial Commission’s online store at for more information.

Proceeds from the sale of centennial medallions shall be deposited in a separate account of the state library fund and used by AHAC to fund Centennial Legacy Projects and activities.  Upon completion of the projects remaining funds shall be deposited in the state general fund.

For more information on Arizona’s centennial medallions and more, visit Arizona’s centennial’s website at