Buggy Shady Launches Eco-Friendly Line

Buggy Shady, a Scottsdale-born, mommy company, has recently launched a new line of organic products.

Buggy Shady is aware that moms are presented with the difficult dilemma of using natural and healthy products for their baby while staying within budget. Their eco-friendly product, the Buggy Shady, keeps babies shaded and protected from outside elements such as strangers’ hands, bugs and rain.

Buggy Shady has 11 trendy designs to choose from, four of which are made from 100 percent organic fabric. This organic fabric is cultivated from cotton that has not been treated with pesticides or chemicals. The breakthrough of this organic product lies in its trendy and colorful patterns.

Buggy Shady co-founder, Tiffany Christianson, says, “Going green doesn’t have to mean neutral shades and rough fabrics.”

As a mother of two she understands how important it is to make healthy choices for both her family and the environment.

“Our fabrics pop and prove that being eco-friendly is cute,” she adds. “This new green line of products is an exciting development for Buggy Shady.”

The Buggy Shady is made of transparent mesh that blocks 75 percent of UVA and UVB rays along with a lightweight, designer-print fabric layer. This shade’s unique feature is its ability to fit both strollers and infant car seats; other shades lack this functionality. The shade is also easy to store on the stroller canopy so moms don’t have to reattach it every time.

The Buggy Shady is not only eco-friendly, but affordable as well at $40 for the standard line and $50 for the organic line.

The Buggy Shady recently ranked No. 2 as a must-have product in the top 100 baby product essentials on parenting.com. It has also been awarded the Parent Tested, Parent Approved seal.

For more information about the Buggy Shady, visit buggyshady.com