Coup Des Tartes being forced from historic location

Coup Des Tartes, Phoenix’s longest running and most well known B.Y.O.B. restaurant, is being forced out of its location at 4626 N.  16th Street in Phoenix through no fault of its own.

Coup Des Tartes is being offered a 180-day notice as of June 1, 2013 by the new landowners, the Van Tuyl Group, which owns several car dealerships in the area.
Coup Des Tartes has been serving award-­winning French cuisine in the same small, historic farmhouse located on 16th Street and Highland for the past 17 years.

Coup Des Tartes Owner Ron Pacioni said, “They want to pave our paradise to put up a parking lot, literally.”

He added, “Their representative has told us they have plans to demo this historic 1932 farm house on and turn it into an overflow parking lot for their nearby corporate car dealership. It breaks our heart.”

Although Pacioni continues talking with a Van Tuyl’s representative in hopes to prevent the move, the deadline date to be out of their current location has been set for the end of the year.

Relocating the restaurant will require a great deal of time and planning, but Pacioni is adamant that they will not close their doors during this disruption.

Pacioni, said, “We want to let our regular customers and our newfound foodies know that our doors are still open. We have every intention of continuing to offer our seasonal menus and award-­winning cuisine that you’ve come to know and love throughout the transition.”