Specialty Bread Company

Valley Diversity Leader Establishes Specialty Bread Company

Christine French, a local entrepreneur and businesswoman, has established The French Bear Company to produce and market a specialty bread product with a unique shape and flavor.

French, the founder and principle of Global Diversity Consulting, a Phoenix-based organization that partners with businesses to create diversity strategy and policy, is branching out with this specialty bread food venture.

The product, called the Teddy Bear Bread, is shaped like a teddy bear with a happy face. These charmingly-designed, golden brown and sweetly scented delicacies will make a welcome addition to any meal, or simply a delicious snack.

French came up with the idea for the business after making the specialty bread for her family and friends for decades. The love of the bread grew with each warm, succulent batch she made using natural, fresh and pure ingredients. Now, French has started the business with the help of her four grandsons, three of whom are autistic.

French aims to use the business not only to put her great specialty bread into the hands of hungry customers, but to teach her grandsons, who range in age from 10 to 16 years, about entrepreneurship, develop their baking skills and foster their self-sufficiency. Alexandre, age 16 and autistic, will serve as the chief of inventory, while Christian, age 14 and also autistic, will be chief of mailing. Noah, who is 10 and autistic, will be the chief taster, while his twin brother Ethan, who is the only grandson without Autism, will serve as general manager. All of the boys will actively participate in making each loaf of bread individually and by hand.

“This business truly is a labor of love. Our family has loved this bread for years and we want to share this special, one-of-a-kind product with others. Also, this business grew out of the love we have for our grandsons and the goal of helping each one of them develop their own set of unique skills through the art of bread making,” French said.

The business will market the bear breads through direct sales and mail order. Each bear-shaped loaf is priced at $4. To place orders, call 480-543-8189 or email frenchbearbread@hotmail.com.