DM Analytics introduces Tag & Sign software system

DM Analytics, a leading provider of retail-focused software solutions, has added a Tag and Sign system to a comprehensive application suite that also incorporates Ordering, Receiving, Shelf Price Audit and Inventory modules. The system is ideal for supermarkets, drug stores, dollar stores, hardware, consumer electronics/appliances, furniture/home furnishings, liquor, auto parts, hobby/crafts, pool supply, and other hardlines retailers.

The Phoenix-based company’s solution is highly flexible, supporting all shelf tag types, sign types, and fonts; offering configurability for different messages and tag stock; and enabling end-users to select how tags are sorted. Like all DM Analytics modules, the system features added versatility because it runs on mobile devices, including Apple iOS, and may be completely integrated with retailers’ existing point of sale, scanning, merchandising, headquarters, and promotions management systems.

Complementing these benefits, the module yields tight control over tag and sign production and distribution. Materials are generated from one centralized system, preventing any deviation from corporate-approved graphics and marketing messages while ensuring consistency from store-to-store. Retailers can determine when new tags should be “pushed” to stores based on changes to prices and items; should a price change be scheduled by headquarters, management can assess the number of tags each store will need to generate and plan labor accordingly.

“Today’s retailers need systems that allow them to efficiently manage all aspects of their business,” said Michael Wagner, President of DM Analytics. “When it comes to creating tags and signs, this system, with its unparalleled flexibility, truly fits the bill.”

DMA’s introduction of the Tag and Sign module follows pilot tests at several retail companies.

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