Jacob Meders, Heard Museum, Arist Profile

Artist Profile of Jacob Meders, Heard Museum: Art as a Business

Artist Profile: Jacob Meders

AZNow.Biz took a trip to the Heard Museum in central Phoenix, where we met up with local artist and printmaker, Jacob Meders. Meders spoke with us about his unique art on display in the Something Old, Something New, Nothing Borrowed Exhibit and in the Berlin Gallery, as well as choosing art as a career, and viewing art as a business.

Jacob Meders focuses his art work on altered perceptions of place, culture and identity of indigenous peoples; reexamining documentations of Native Americans, and challenging new perceptions of Native Americans.

A recent graduate of ASU’s Printmaking Program (MFA), Meders discusses the importance of art and how it develops one’s mind and “helps expand the creative, abstract thought part of one’s brain.”

Meders continues to say that much more social interaction is involved in the business aspect of art; one must learn and know how to market his or her work.

Watch the video below to learn more about Meders, his take on the importance of art and more:

To learn more about Meders, the Berlin Gallery or Heard Museum, please visit www.heard.org.

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