Arizona Business Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Janet Perez

The Buzz on AZNow.Biz – December 6, 2010

This week on AZNow.Biz, our personal finance columnist, Jacob Gold, has a warning about overspending during the holidays. You’ll also meet three successful Valley business women who are juggling demanding careers, family and philanthropic efforts.

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About Janet Perez

Janet Perez was managing editor of community and tourism magazines for Gannett Pacific Publications. She has worked as a national news producer for Westwood One/Metro Source, a nationwide radio news network. She was also a reporter for the Phoenix Gazette, and a reporter and producer for CBS and Fox affiliates in El Paso, Texas and Phoenix. She started her career as a reporter at the Gannett paper The El Paso Times. Her work has been featured in such publications as The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times.