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Massage Envy’s David Humphrey Talks About His First Job

David Humphrey
Title: CEO
Company: Massage Envy
First Job: Working on the farm

Describe your very first job.
Growing up, I spent my summers working on the farm with my grandparents. I loved it, but you definitely learn what hard work is … But it slowly sunk into me that it might be a good idea to study a little harder in school, so I wouldn’t have to hoe weeds out of the seed plot the rest of my life.

Describe your first job in your industry.
I entered the wellness industry through a side door; I transferred from another division into the personal care division of Philips Electronics. … I learned that the best-managed companies listen very systematically to both their employees and their customers.

What were your salaries at both of these jobs?
I don’t remember my Philips salary anymore; maybe $30,000. On the farm, the compensation plan was “all the fresh vegetables you could pick.”

Who is your biggest mentor?
Ad Veenhof, who I worked for at both Philips and Tree of Life, showed me that the key to building a truly sustainable competitive advantage is “changing the rules of the game” in your industry. I’d like to think that Massage Envy has done that.

What advice would you give to a person just entering your industry?
Listen to your customers. Wellness is no different than any other business: you’re successful when you satisfy genuine customer needs and your product or service represents a real value.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing instead?
I’m afraid my dream job — playing left field for the Red Sox — is probably out of reach at this point. So I’d probably be a nature photographer. I love the Arizona landscape.

Arizona Business Magazine March/April 2011

2 thoughts on “Massage Envy’s David Humphrey Talks About His First Job

  1. Marie DeMaria

    I am very displeased with Massage Envy. I was told when I went for a Massage that I could cancel at any time, not the case. So, apparently I am being held hostage by Massage Envy in Algonquin, Il by the manager as he told me he does not care, they are a franchise and have to answer to no one. This is bad faith, I gave 30 days notice and was told that this does not apply. This will be spread about everywhere consumer complaints go. Is it worth the bad press? Not sure if the CEO cares of not.

  2. David Carr

    WOW! I had the same experience. My wife has a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor and has had 3 resections. She went in for a massage and they had her sign a 6 mos. contract and didnt explain that it was a contract. She had requested a female massage therapist and a male came out. She didnt get a massage and they have now billed us for 2 months.

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