Arizona's First, Only Denim Manufacturer Moves into CityScape

Fashion | 19 Dec, 2013 | Alexa Renfroe

Denim jeans have been an American fashion staple since the 1950s. Today, most jeans are made overseas or south of the border. Unlike most jean manufacturers, though, Roman Acevedo owner of Lawless Denim is continuing to produce his product in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Lawless Denim, Arizona’s first and only denim manufacturer, moved its shop into CityScape in October.

“American-made jeans are better than anything else,” Acevedo said. “Lawless Denim is about really being proud of that ‘made in downtown Phoenix’ label.”

Acevedo is a San Diego native who fell in love with Arizona and has become the first and only denim manufacturer in the state. That’s not the only thing that makes Lawless Denim special. Acevedo is committed to producing hand-made, custom-fit jeans with integrity.

“To produce an American-made product is far superior to anything else,” Acevedo said. “Take it a step further and customize it so it fits your body perfectly—it doesn’t get any better.”

Acevedo is against the mistreatment of workers and products that lack quality, which is something he can control by manufacturing in Arizona, adding he aims to make a difference in the community by creating jobs in Arizona.

So far Acevedo feels he is getting a great response and Phoenix is excited about his product.

IMG_2796“I think it’s good for business to be the first in the pack,” he says. “If you have a genuine product that’s real quality, people will identify that. If there are others to follow, we have set the bar high.”

Acevedo began Lawless Denim a year ago. The store also sells leather goods such as belts, and bracelets. Acevedo is working on bag designs as well. Most of items in the store are hand-crafted.

“I just enjoy clothes. I am just all about clothes,” Acevedo said. “It really just stemmed from a passion for denim and leather goods.”

Before Lawless Denim, Acevedo was producing clothes at another Phoenix-based manufacturing company he owns. Acevedo loves clothes but wanted to shift gears from a casual chic collection to just purely denim.

“When you get to express your own individuality through fashion, that’s a lot of fun,” Acevedo said.

Acevedo views his job as producing quality rather than designing. He was inspired by old Levi Strauss and loves to add personal touches and details to timeless styles. According to Acevedo, you can’t go wrong with the “501” jean style: “When it comes to denim, there are certain classic styles that you just don’t mess with.” IMG_2794

Like Levi Strauss, before it began to produce abroad, Acevedo uses Cone Denim Mills fabric. Cone Denim Mills is the last American denim manufacturer in the whole world.

At Lawless Denim, the fit and style is up to the customers. Acevedo makes jeans for men and women of all ages.

“The best part for me is when the customer says, ‘I love them.’ There’s no better satisfaction,” said Acevedo of his jeans, on which he offers a lifetime warranty. Acevedo trusts that his denim will only get better with age.

Acevedo said, “We believe in the product…We want it to last you a long time.”

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