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I am not afraid to correct grammar. It's in my nature and is what keeps my eyes darting back-and-forth across the page or computer screen. Most eyes simply glance over the words because we are taught as children that all you need to know is the first and last letter to complete a word. My eyes don't glance, they investigate. I am able to see every letter and know that one doesn't belong there or that one is missing. Forgot a comma? Oh, I know it. Mixed up there/their/they're or your/you're? Trust me, I'll tell you. It makes a smile appear from one side of my face to the next and gets my heart racing to know that I've helped maintain proper English grammar.

Glendale Glitters and Glow Block Party

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During the holiday season, one area of Arizona outshines all others. The small, historic town of Glendale is lit up by more than one million Christmas lights that are strung throughout the trees and shine brightly on the small, antique homes and shops that compose the 12-blocks from Old Towne and Catlin Court Districts. However,… Read More →

Grand Canyon: Witnessing Two Memorable Wonders

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Whenever out-of-state relatives visited, my family would always take them on a weekend trip to give them a chance to see a different part of Arizona other than the valley. It would be an adventurous activity up north, in an attempt to prove to them that Arizona isn’t all saguaros and dirt like most perceive… Read More →