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Anthony Argenziano is the chief technology officer at Digital Air Strike. He has more than two decades of experience as a technology and product executive and entrepreneur with expertise in product development, professional services, business development and operations. Argenziano specializes in creating and implementing high-performance strategies that directly impact innovation, growth and profitability. Prior to joining Digital Air Strike, Anthony was the Head of Risk Platform at Amazon and the Chief Technology Officer at eBay Enterprises Display where he was responsible for setting the company’s Product vision and strategy as well as developing software, technical operations and support.

Silicon Desert Insider: Simplify social media strategy through integration

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The impact that social media and online review platforms have had on the bottom line of businesses cannot be understated. These mediums allow companies to share content, engage with consumers, advertise, expand a brand and more. Social media gives a brand personality, and more importantly, reinforces a positive or negative reputation. Marketers spend millions of… Read More →