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Brittany is a freshman at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She is an editorial intern for AZ Big Media and contributes articles to AZRE and Arizona Business Magazine.

Develop Strategies To Detect Breast Cancer Early

Breast Cancer - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the U.S, making breast cancer the second-most-common cancer among American women, after skin cancer. Despite those gloomy statistics, there are strategies women can use to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. “It is… Read More →

Erika Peterson, Vice President Of Operations, Record Center Innovations Inc.

Erika Peterson, Record Center Innovations - AZ Business Magazine July/August 2011

Protecting sensitive business information is Phoenix-based Record Center Innovations’ (RCI) business. Founded in 1998, RCI provides secure information management and document storage from the day sensitive paper records arrive at its 100,000-square-foot warehouse to the day when those records are destroyed. Record Center Innovations is the largest independent records management company in Arizona. One of… Read More →

Dave Forman, Owner, PourMasters Professional Bartending Service

Dave Forman, Owner, PourMasters Professional Bartending Service - AZ Business Magazine May/June 2011

Dave Forman had a whopping two weeks of experience in bartending when he decided to launch his own professional bartending service, PourMasters, in January 1992. He had been working in management and sales, but after taking a two-week course in bartending, Forman was hooked.  “Bartending seemed like a fun, great job,” says Forman, a native… Read More →

New Retail And Restaurants To Attract People To Dowtown Phoenix

CityScape, Phoenix, Ariz. - AZ Business Magazine May/June 2011

With the opening of CityScape at One E. Washington St., Downtown Phoenix now has an urban-style, mixed-use development where people can eat, shop, meet friends after work, relax at a boutique hotel, and even blow off some steam at the gym or roll a few frames at a bowling center. Developers of CityScape envision retail… Read More →

The Arrogant Butcher Leaves Patrons 
Feeling Welcomed And Satisfied

The Arrogant Butcher, Phoenix, Ariz., CityScape - AZ Business Magazine May/June 2011

After dining at enough eateries in my life that have rude waiters and sub-par cuisine, I was wary to spend an evening at a restaurant featuring the word “Arrogant” in its name. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that The Arrogant Butcher dishes out just the right amount of attitude. The newest of Sam… Read More →

Scottsdale-Based Software Company Is Growing With Fortune 500 Customers

Informative Graphics Corporation, Scottsdale, Ariz., Software Company
by in Finance | Small Biz | Tech

While other business owners floundered during the recession, Scottsdale software company Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) maintained firm footing. Now, as the economy is cautiously reinventing itself, IGC has hired seven new employees and has four positions waiting to be filled.  For a company with 80 employees, that’s nearly a 10 percent increase in size in… Read More →

Mommy Makeover Procedure Helps Mothers Lose Their ‘Baby Fat’

Mommy Makeover - Scottsdale Living May/June 2011

Mothers may love their little ones’ baby fat, but they tend to cringe at the thought of the fat their babies give them. That’s why women are waving goodbye to pregnancy plump and saying hello to taut tummies and va-va-voom curves — with Mommy Makeovers, one of the more popular plastic surgery trends to hit… Read More →

Valley Partnership: Ben Shunk, Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Valley Partnership, AZRE Magazine May/June 2011
by in Associations

Ben Shunk, senior project manager for Adolfson & Peterson Construction, was first attracted to Valley Partnership when he learned about its Community Project Committee. Six years later, he remains active in all aspects of the organization, and is finding career success in its networking opportunities. “(Valley Partnership) has helped me in my career because it’s… Read More →

Top 7 “Glee” Covers

Top Six Glee Covers
by in Lists

It’s no wonder why Glee is such a wildly popular show. It combines the hilarious comedic talent of actors like Jane Lynch and Heather Morris with deliciously unrealistic portrayals of high school life (i.e. a cheer coach regularly getting away with abusing students). Oh, not to mention that some of the most beloved pop songs,… Read More →