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Clarice Wziatek has a degree in International Journalism from Dublin City University, Ireland. She enjoys traveling and has visited 10 different countries, but no matter where she goes, she always comes back to her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. She believes there is always a story to tell and that is just one reason why she enjoys writing.

Infrared Body Wraps Burn Calories, Erase Inches

Infrared Body Wraps - Scottsdale Living Magazine Winter 2012

Keeping it Under Wraps: Infrared body wraps burn calories, erase inches and melt the fat off your body There’s a new type of body wrap in town, and it’s hot! The infrared body wrap, offered at select spas and fitness facilities throughout the Valley, claims to firm skin, diminish cellulite, erase inches and melt the… Read More →

Bébé EcoPosh Keeps Your Baby’s Health In Mind With Eco-Friendly Products

Bébé EcoPosh
by in Green | Small Biz

Being a new parent can be daunting especially when it comes to choosing products that are good for your baby’s health and the environment. But thanks to the launch of Bébé EcoPosh, an online company that went live Dec. 2011, making “green” and healthy choices for your baby just got a lot easier. Bébé EcoPosh… Read More →

Shows To Watch In 2012: Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones
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“Game of Thrones” on HBO is based off No. 1 New York Times bestseller author George R. R. Martin’s series “A Song of Fire and Ice.”  Martin released book five, “A Dance of Dragons,” in the series July 2011 and is heavily involved in the production of the HBO show. Season two will depict the… Read More →

SunPower Solar Power Plant Planned For ASU Polytechnic Campus

SunPower Solar Power
by in Green

SRP and Arizona State University (ASU) have teamed up to build a 1-megawatt, solar power plant on the Polytechnic campus in Mesa. The plant will feature the first commercial deployment of SunPower C7 Tracker technology. This solar photovoltaic tracking system concentrates the sun’s power seven times and is designed to achieve the lowest-leveled cost of… Read More →

Shows To Watch 2012: Shameless

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What do you get when you have six kids (the oldest raising the other five); a deadbeat dad, who’s only full-time occupation is to be a con artist and get hammered; a high-end car thief that is actually an ivy league drop-out, and an agoraphobic? The building blocks for the U.S. Showtime series Shameless. There… Read More →

Shows To Watch In 2012: The Borgias

The Borgias
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Showtime is known for producing hit series such as “The Tudors” and “The Sopranos.” Now, Showtime has produced a combination hit with the original crime family, “The Borgias.” “The Borgias” first aired in April 2011 and had the highest ratings for a Showtime season premier in the past seven years. The show began to take shape in… Read More →

Shows To Watch In 2012: Spartacus

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Spartacus is the Starz breakout original series that blew expected ratings out of the water. The electrifying, blood-soaked action-drama is based on the violent and grotesque gladiatorial fights of ancient Rome. Season one grabbed my attention for its highly developed, cinematic action scenes and the dramatic relationship development between characters and story plot. Lucy Lawless (Lucretia) and John… Read More →

Avoid Weight Gain With Scottsdale Weight Loss Center Tips

Scottsdale Weight Loss Center - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Scottsdale Weight Loss Center’s Dr. Rob Ziltzer Dishes Out Some Weight Loss Tips The holidays are the time to connect with family and friends, which means more parties, more food, late-night shopping and a lot less sleep. After the festivities are over, you open your closet to find that all of your clothing has magically… Read More →

itSynergy Creates Custom Applications For Companies

Custom apps
by in Mobile | Small Biz | Tech

Local Arizona businesses are jumping on the tech wagon when it comes to commissioning a custom app, and this is where itSynergy, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, comes in. itSynergy: Why Businesses Desire Custom Apps Businesses look to streamline certain tasks and increase the productivity of their employees. The majority of custom apps created for companies… Read More →

Thalia Event Design Plans Local and Sustainable Events

Thalia Event Design
by in Green | Small Biz

Thalia Event Design is a local event planning company that keeps things green and local when planning events big or small. Creating Thalia Event Design Hollie Dunn, the owner and designer for Thalia Event Design, started her company in February 2011. Dunn says that there was a niche in the market for sustainably-planned events and for an… Read More →

Slide Rock And Red Rock State Parks In Sedona

Sedona, Ariz.
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Sedona is known for the natural beauty of  its stunning red rocks that the locals have affectionately named and shamelessly promote. You can enjoy the natural sculptures of Sedona by visiting a vortex, drinking in the beauty of Slide Rock State Park or hiking in Sedona’s Red Rock State Park. Experience a Sedona Vortex Ask… Read More →

Debate Over Renewable Energy Tariff For Rebate Customers

Solar tariff
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Solar rebate customers may be faced with a higher renewable energy tariff that will supplement the solar rebate fund to help other customers install solar equipment. Previous articles in the Green Scene section focused on the many available rebates for purchasing solar equipment for a home or business. These articles also focus on the savings… Read More →

First Press Fine Wine Auction Benefits KJZZ Youth Media Project

First Press Fine Wine Auction
by in Events

The 10th Annual First Press Fine Wine Auction will benefit the KJZZ Youth Media Project. All proceeds from the auction go to the youth media program that allows KJZZ reporters to mentor high school students in the areas of journalism and reporting. The 10th Annual First Press Fine Wine Auction The 10th Annual First Press… Read More →

Air Pollution In Arizona: Hayden Seeks Long Awaited Relief

Air pollution
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Air pollution is a national problem. Imagine leaving your house every morning and having to wear a face mask and gloves, worrying that the air you breathe and everything you touch is toxic. That is an example of the extreme, but it if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t regulate and control where factories are built and what… Read More →

GPEC Hosts Forum For New And Expanding Businesses

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The Greater Phoenix Economic Council ( GPEC ) hosted a forum on Dec. 8 to welcome three green and sustainable businesses to Arizona. While Arizona provides particular benefits for these businesses, including climate, educated workforce and tax credits, these businesses will provide benefits for Arizona and its communities by creating jobs, in addition to upholding… Read More →