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I am originally from Orange County, California and am currently a Junior at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. I have a passion for both hard and soft news as well as print and broadcast journalism.

How To Stay Pain Free As You Launch Your Workout Program

stay pain free workout program

Resolution Remedy: Scottsdale doctors share how to stay pain-free as you launch your workout program. Enjoy a few glasses of champagne, try all the hors d’oeuvres, and indulge in those desserts, because tomorrow it’s time to hit the gym. It’s no secret that every year on January 2nd, the gyms are packed with people committed… Read More →

Carb Cycling Diet Helps Balance Food Intake With Exercise

carb cycling
by in Shape

Along with traditions, celebrations, family and friends, the holidays bring with them a plethora of feasts, treats and hors d’oeuvres. For some, the holiday season can be a daily struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle and indulge in festive foods. “The holidays are a harder time to follow any diet,” says Garrett Shinoskie, Director of… Read More →

Phoenix Festival Of The Arts To Feature More than 80 Artists, Performers [VIDEO]

Phoenix community mural
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Come and enjoy three days of live entertainment and several art vendors, as well as food, wine and beer as the City of Phoenix celebrates the inaugural Phoenix Festival of the Arts. More than 80 artists and performers will be featured at the festival, along with several beverage bars for all ages, and 14 food… Read More →

Renegade Tap And Kitchen's Chef May Serves Unique, Eclectic Cuisine

Renegade Tap and Kitchen
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Photos of James Dean, Albert Einstein and Salvador Dali cover the walls. Dali, a painter, was a master of the creative, radical style of surrealism. Einstein, a physicist, may be considered the most influential scientist of the 20th century. Dean, an actor, was known as a rebel without a cause. What do these men all… Read More →

Aboard The Verde Canyon Railroad

Verde Canyon Railroad, Photo: Cooper Rummell
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Red sandstone walls enveloped the train as it moved deeper into the canyon. Vibrant green Willow and Sycamore Trees mixed with a blend of various Arizona wildflowers and cacti covered the cliffs. An eagle perched atop a protruding rock formation. The sound of the roaring engine echoed through the ravine. I, along with my friend… Read More →

Arizona Taco Festival Returning Competitor, Rubio's, Talks Tacos

Arizona Taco Festival logo
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Tacos. Seems easy to make, right? All you need is a tortilla, some meat, cheese and salsa, and you’re ready to eat. But, here in Arizona, tacos are much more than that. It takes a true culinary artist to create a taco that’s unique — craved, even. And this weekend, in a two-day event, some… Read More →

An Adventure on the West Fork Trail, Sedona

West Fork Trail
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The rising sun illuminated the vibrant reds, greens and purples that paint the canyon. The crisp morning air carried the fresh aroma of Arizona Cypress. I, along with my companions, took our first step onto the West Fork Trail and began our adventure through Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona. With me were my great friends… Read More →