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Recently appointed Deputy Superintendent of Maricopa Unified School District (MUSD), Conley was previously the principal of Butterfield Elementary School, in addition to being the director of assessment and accountability for three years at MUSD. She received the Outstanding Doctoral Student Award in Arizona from ASA Higher Education in 2010 and has presented at numerous conferences, including the National American Indian Educators’ Conference, Native American Grant Schools Association and Arizona School Administrators.

From Development to Realizing Dreams: Encouraging Students’ Growth


Last night as I am turning off the last light before bedtime, I hear “singing” (if you can call it that) coming from my daughter’s bedroom. As I peaked in the door, she had her eyes closed, iPod headphones plugged in her ears, singing as loud as she could. It reminded me of a Christmas… Read More →

Insightful Organizations Must Revolutionize The Way Students Learn

Insightful Organizations
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Changes in our world are occurring at warp speed. Whatever form it takes, change is upon us. Insightful organizations will be ready; Maricopa Unified School District (MUSD) is ready to be insightful. Today’s students must be able to quickly adapt to an increasingly chaotic, yet opportunity-filled, global environment. In this era of uncertainty — globalization,… Read More →

What Parents Should Look For In A School District

School District
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School districts Valleywide are often being faced with losing students to nearby districts. When this happens, a district must do what it can to keep their current students, bring in new students and bring back students that may have moved on. To do so, it’s necessary for a school district to highlight what makes them… Read More →