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Jacob Gold is a best selling author and Certified Financial Planner. He regularly appears on a number of media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times and CNBC and Fox Business. He and his company, Jacob Gold & Associates, manage the investments for several publicly traded companies and high net worth individuals. Contact Jacob at

6 lesser-known benefits of yoga

CorePower Yoga

By: Jamie Finnan, CorePower Yoga Looking back to my first yoga class, I thought the only benefit was increased flexibility. I would soon discover that was just one of countless benefits my mind and body would receive. While increased flexibility and mobility, and gradual stress relief will commonly be experienced, there are a few lesser-known… Read More →

After A Long Recession, Over-Spending May Be Tempting, But Consumers Beware

After A Long Recession, Over-Spending May Be Tempting
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The desires of the American consumer have changed over the last few years. This concept is not difficult to imagine since the United States has suffered it’s worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. People have been forced to appropriately distinguish the difference between needs and wants. Prior to the recession, the American consumer was… Read More →

Investors Can’t Avoid Risk, But They Can Minimize It With Education

Investing advice
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For most investors, retirement plans took a turn for the worse, specifically in the last few years. They are faced with more challenges and require more discipline when planning for their “nest egg.” Many can remember when they were able to focus on basic techniques such as saving and investing to earn a conservative return.… Read More →

Can the Savings Rate Save America?

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The financial norms of our society have changed considerably over the past five years. Assumptions surrounding retirement, investment returns and job security have all changed 180 degrees. Perhaps this recession has been so monumental that it will permanently change the old norms and embrace a new realistic standard. Will this crisis create a new generation… Read More →

Don’t Count On The Current Gold Rush Lasting

light reflecting off gold bars
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The recent economic recession forced society to relook at what we consider to be financial norms. What was considered reasonable several years ago is now unjustifiable based on today’s new standard. The comfort of having money in an actual wallet is greater than having a pricey purse to carry it in. It is possible that… Read More →