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The Housing Market in Phoenix: Room for Growth

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With a nickname like “valley of the sun,” what’s not enticing about Phoenix? Sprawling, sun-drenched landscapes; a thriving epicenter of culture and entertainment; and a rich tapestry of Native American history all comprise the experience of visiting the U.S.’s fifth-largest metropolitan area. There is more to Phoenix’s charm than that, however. Shortly after Arizona received… Read More →

Cut Energy Costs With Energy Star Program, Other Upgrades

Cut Energy Cost With Energy Star Program, Other Upgrades
by in Green Living

In an economy where every dollar counts, mortgage payments are not the only major bills on the minds of homeowners. Utility expenses also take a painful bite out of the household budget. For now, the solution to cutting energy cost is right inside the home. The Energy Star program, created in 1992 by the Environmental… Read More →