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Joel Miller is a student at Scottsdale Community College. Born in New Brunswick, Canada, he enjoys tennis, poetry and late-night talk shows. He has been living — and enjoying the absence of snow — in the Valley for the past three years.

Female-owned thrives in auto parts industry

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In 1996, a Phoenix woman and her husband purchased an automotive parts wholesaler by the name of Autohaus Phoenix, Inc. During the 10 years that followed, the couple transformed the company from a local distributor into an entirely internet-based retailer and wholesaler, distributing automotive parts to more than 115 countries under the name But… Read More →

Master Bedroom Remodels Create Relaxing, Vacation-Like Sanctuaries

master bedroom remodeling

Home, Suite Home: Master bedroom remodels create relaxing, vacation-like sanctuaries at home. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablet computers, it seems everyone is always on the go. People are “connected” at all times to work, family or any number of other responsibilities — making life quite hectic. “With such busy, plugged-in lives, people are… Read More →

Glendale CVB Rising in the West

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Game on! Cities like Glendale, Peoria, Goodyear, Surprise, and the other 14 cities that make up the West Valley are capitalizing on the rapid expansion of tourism and hospitality amenities — particularly spring training baseball facilities and other sports-related events — to grab a bigger share of the $18 billion that Arizona’s 37 million annual… Read More →

Scottsdale Concierge Psychiatrist Provides At-Home Care

Scottsdale Concierge Psychiatrist Provides At-Home Care
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Scottsdale concierge psychiatrist, Yasinski Psychiatry, takes a personal and convenient approach to patient care with in-home appointments. Once upon a time, making house calls was standard practice for physicians. A doctor would treat an ailing patient from the comfort of the patient’s home. Over the past century, this personalized approach to patient care has become… Read More →

HMSHost Transforms Dining at Sky Harbor’s Terminal 4

Phoenix Sky Harbor, Photo: Flickr, flavouz
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HMSHost, a world leader in travel-venue food, beverage and retail experiences, is currently in the process of updating and renovating Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s Terminal 4 — bringing more than 20 new restaurants to the terminal. The transformation will include the addition of several popular local restaurants, including NYPD Pizza, Press Coffee, Modern Burger,… Read More →

Mercedes-Benz Club Of America’s StarFest 2012 To Be Held In Phoenix

StarFest 2012
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This fall, the Desert Stars section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) will host StarFest 2012, the largest Mercedes-Benz enthusiast event in the country. The event will take place in Phoenix September 28 through October 3, and is expected to draw upwards of 400 attendees, according to Bud Cloninger, president of the Desert Stars… Read More →

"Get Buzzed” At
by in Rejuvenate at Scottsdale Quarter offers excellent, affordable food, drink and barber services. A Brazilian for your face. That’s how the barbers at in Scottsdale Quarter describe their “manzilian” straight razor shave. Having never experienced the traditional Brazilian, I can’t definitively say how similar the two are, but it’s my suspicion that my “manzilian” was… Read More →

Mastro’s Restaurants Celebrates 10 Years In Scottsdale

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This falls marks the 10th anniversary of the three Mastro’s Restaurants here in the Valley. Mastro’s City Hall and Mastro’s Ocean Club opened in 2002 while the Original Mastro’s Steakhouse opened in 1999. To celebrate, all three locations will sell select signature cocktails at a discounted price of $10 starting in September. In addition, for… Read More →

Travis Brown: From The NFL To The CCV

Travis Brown
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When former NFL quarterback Travis Brown sustained shoulder and elbow injuries early in his 2005 season, he fully expected to return to the game after a standard period of convalescence. “When I was done playing, I didn’t know I was done playing,” Brown says. His injuries, and the resulting surgeries, would mark the end of… Read More →

Pinterest For Business: Avoiding Copyright Issues

Pinterest Copyright Issues
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Pinterest copyright issues can prove problematic for business proprietors. Since its inception in 2010, social networking website Pinterest has become the third most-popular social network in the U.S. Only social-media giants Facebook and Twitter surpass it in total monthly visits, according to Experian Hitwise. With more than 100 million visits each month, Pinterest has created… Read More →

Early-1900’s Barn Wood Repurposed For Central Arizona Supply Showroom

Central Arizona Supply
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Jeremy Smith mixes historic and modern elements for Central Arizona Supply’s The Studio Showroom. Last month, Valley plumbing and heating supply company Central Arizona Supply unveiled its newest showroom The Studio, location in central Phoenix. The “Mad Men” inspired grand opening created buzz with its candy cigarette girl, Moscow Mule cocktails and spontaneous flash mob… Read More →

Medical Travel Gains Popularity As Alternative To Local Medical Facilities

medical travel
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With medical travel gaining popularity as an alternative to local medical facilities, Well-Being Travel will host the Well-Being and Medical Travel Conference 2012 later this month in Scottsdale. More than ever before, patients are traveling outside their home cities for medical procedures. Venturing to another city — or another country — can offer reduced costs… Read More →

Things To Do In Arizona: McDowell Sonoran Preserve

McDowell Sonoran Preserve
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Hiking Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve: Beauty in your own backyard Looking to spend the day amid the desert beauty? Or simply for some fresh air and exercise without venturing too far? Look no further than the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Scottsdale. Stretching across 17,000 acres of the McDowell Mountains, the preserve offers miles of hiking… Read More →

Home Accents Today Honors Four Phoenix-Area “Retail Stars”

Home Accents Today
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Four Phoenix-area retailers have been honored as four of Home Accents Today’s “50 Retail Stars” for 2012. Scottsdale retailers Abode Fine Living, The Embellished House, and home-ology, and Phoenix-located In the Pink Boutique, were all named to the list by the editors of the market-leading, home accent industry trade magazine. In an effort to promote… Read More →