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Law firms prepare Millennials for the business of law

Law firms are changing. The future of the profession is in flux as newer generations and Millennials move into the workplace. In order to stay relevant in this dynamic atmosphere, firms need to teach incoming associates and new partners the business of running a law firm, foster loyalty, offer flexibility and connect to Millennials. When… Read More →

Age-proof your workout through functional fitness

Fitness isn’t just about getting in shape and looking good, it is about staying functional throughout your life – feeling healthy, active and independent. As people get older, they become more sedentary, said Steve Feyrer-Melk, Director of Patient Wellness at Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center. “You are getting older and your body needs… Read More →

Try this at home: Nekter Juice Cleanse

Lying across my living room floor, I began to question my sanity. I could no longer remember why I decided to do a juice cleanse. It was only 1 p.m., and I already felt weak. I was not necessarily hungry, but I had no energy. My joie de vivre had been drained out of me.… Read More →

Ideation Design Group employee drafts path to recovery

Exactly one year ago, Kuna Williams walked into Ideation Design Group looking for a job. He knew the principals Carl Schaffer and Jennifer Reynolds from his past employment as a drafter for a fabrication company that had worked with Ideation. Within two weeks, Williams was drafting for Ideation and working with a great team. While… Read More →

A Tusconan’s quest for the best latte in the Valley

Writing has always come easy to me, though my best writing happens in coffee shops. The collective chatter of people, background music and the sound of a steaming espresso machine inspire and motivate me. Of course, the best part of writing at a coffee shop is the caffeinated beverages. I can sit and write for… Read More →

Antonio Berni exhibit shares raw, universal struggle

A boy stands in a dark and rustic town. There is nothing distinctive about this boy; he is an “everyman.” Old cloth, cardboard and metals surround him, materials muted by dirt and age. This is the setting of  “Juanito Goes to the City,” or “Juanito va a la ciudad,” an assemblage in the exhibition Antonio… Read More →

Food Truck Caravan celebrates 1-year anniversary

Every Saturday evening for the last year, the Food Truck Caravan has taken over downtown Scottsdale, along 5th Avenue and Goldwater Boulevard. The Food Truck Caravan’s one-year celebration is Saturday, June 28, from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. The trucks have been asked to whip up something special for the caravan-wide themed “A Night in Tuscany,”… Read More →

Downtown church converted to sanctuary for CrossFit

Imagine a place where health, fitness and community are the core foundational elements. A place that motivates, inspires and supports. A place where nothing is too far reaching, nothing is impossible. In a renovated church, built in 1928 on McKinley and 9th streets, CoreCrossFit advocates and maintains these ideals with exercise programs, cooking classes and… Read More →

Community remodels vacant ’50s diner into charitable cafe

A vacant ‘50s diner has been given a facelift through the support of donations and volunteers in the Phoenix community. The once black-and-white tile flooring, red sparkly booths and neon signs have been replaced and updated to fulfill a larger purpose — a cafe with a conscience. Helpings Café Catering and Market is more than… Read More →

Arizona celebrates National Doughnut Day

In honor of National Doughnut Day (June 6), Experience AZ rounded up its favorite locally owned bakeries in Phoenix! Don’t let this important holiday go to waste; it’s one of the few days a year when you can experience the light and sugary flavors without judgment and guilt. From an old fashion doughnut to the… Read More →