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Karen Katzorke is Executive Director at Invest Southwest, who has worked with early to mid-stage life science and technology entrepreneurs, helping with expansion and growth needs.

Failing Forward, and Other Rules Startups Should Live By

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Failure is part of life. But it’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, learning to lead with intention and harness your mistakes as opportunities can often drive your business forward. Whether you are launching a new company, or looking to scale your existing business, stepping out of your comfort zone often causes leaders to… Read More →

Too Small to Worry About Startup Culture? Think Again

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Company culture may be tricky to define when it’s good, but it’s certainly easy to pinpoint when it’s dragging your whole operation down. And therein lies the crux for many startup founders, especially in the early stage: how can you lay out a plan for what you want the general tenor and feel of your… Read More →

Which type of startup funding is best for your startup?

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In the post-Shark Tank world we live in, it’s important to understand that as a startup founder your hopes and dreams for securing funding are not limited to a one-shot presentation in front of a panel of investors. In fact, if you’re at the stage where you’re looking for serious VC money, chances are good… Read More →

3 Things Investors Wish You’d Stop Including in Your Pitch

Attracting Investors
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When you walk into the room to face the investors who very well may alter your entire future in less than an hour, you should be armed with the knowledge that they really do want to be sold. They want reasons to believe in your idea, to champion it, to be emotionally attached to your… Read More →

Oh How We’ve Grown: The Next Tech Hub is Settling in Our Valley

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Longtime Valley residents who can remember a time when restaurants shut down for the summer might find it hard to even recognize the growing city we call home now. As for new residents – trust me, not too long ago this was a far different town than the innovative metropolis you’re helping to create. Phoenix’s… Read More →

7 traits top entrepreneurs should have


In today’s world, it seems like everyone has an idea for the next big thing. The success of ABC’s Shark Tank has spurred new shows like West Texas Investors Club, Food Fortunes and The Profit – all showcasing entrepreneurs and their 10-minute pitch to land a million-dollar deal. Yes, some ideas are less than stellar,… Read More →

Sharpen Your Investor Pitch With These 5 Tips

Attracting Investors

The pitch. It’s everything to a startup looking to raise money. It’s your identity, your request for capital, your advertising, your brand story, and your lifeline to keeping your company alive and growing. Pitching your startup to investors or customers can be extremely overwhelming, especially when the business is your baby and your future rests… Read More →

3 things to know about Phoenix investors

Are Your Investments Safe Or Risky?

Business ecosystems are a balancing act of supply and demand from a variety of players including startups and investors. There is a fine line between having enough money in the community for all the startups to be funded and not enough money for anyone to get a project off the ground. In Phoenix we have… Read More →

3 reasons giving back will grow your business

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There is a quote that says, “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” No one disagrees that giving back is important. Whether it is volunteering to speak at an event, sponsoring a conference, or reserving time to mentor, giving back is not only the right thing… Read More →