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About Keith Galbut

Keith R. Galbut has considerable expertise in negotiating and drafting complex corporate and real estate transactions, including corporate formation and governance documents, contracts, employment agreements, leases, and licensing agreements. Mr. Galbut oversees Galbut & Galbut’s banking and lending practice and is regularly involved in protecting his clients’ rights in commercial and real estate disputes. Mr. Galbut also devotes a substantial portion of his practice to international business law.

Key Legal Considerations And Strategies Businesses Should Consider In An Economic Downturn


Virtually all Arizona businesses, but disproportionately small and medium-sized enterprises, have been significantly impacted by the recession. The current financial climate has and will undoubtedly continue to have countless business ramifications. Often overlooked, however, are the legal considerations that should be proactively evaluated by companies in a challenging economic environment. Legal strategies should be employed… Read More →