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Ken Beckrich is the owner of Online Trading Academy Phoenix, the worldwide leader in professional trading education, located in Scottsdale, Ariz. It is the only trading and investing vocational program in the Valley. Online Trading Academy’s mission is to teach students to take control of their financial future through proper education and trading execution skills for low-risk, high-gain stock market investments. The Academy’s courses provide students hands-on stock market experience trading real money, in real-time. Founded in 1997, Online Trading Academy began as one of the largest trading floors in the United States. Today, with 38 franchise locations and over 25,000 graduates worldwide, Online Trading Academy solely focuses on providing students with techniques that are utilized by stock broker professionals on Wall Street. For more information, visit

STOCK Act: What You Need to Know

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The STOCK Act prohibits Congress members from making investments based on nonpublic information, giving you (somewhat) of fair ground. As an individual investor – whether you are managing your own money, or having someone else invest it for you – it is important for you to understand how your financial future is affected when the… Read More →