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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Experiences Increase In 2011

2011 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Report
by in New You

Who says the economy is holding anyone back from spending a little extra cash on themselves? For the second year in a row, the number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures continued to increase. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ (ASPS) 2011 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, more than 13.8 surgical and minimally invasive procedures… Read More →

Brighten Your Look With A Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Sometimes, those daily affirmations in front of the full-length mirror or a new shade of lipstick aren’t what you need for that extra boost of confidence. What might have a bigger impact and a longer lasting effect on your physical and emotional state is a smile makeover. When you pair your beauty products with a… Read More →

2012 Arizona Color Run At Tempe Beach Park [Photos/Video]

2012 Arizona Color Run
by in Events | Snapshot

Hundreds, it seemed, gathered at Tempe Beach Park in Tempe this Saturday, Jan. 28 for the most unique — and colorful — 5k in the Valley: the Color Run. The Color Run made its first stop of the 20-city tour in Arizona; the race reached capacity with attendees of all ages and skill level, who… Read More →

Changing Your Spots With Photo Genesis and Photofacials

Photo Genesis - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Photo Genesis and Photofacials help even your skin tone and make you look younger. After three months of chasing the kids through water parks, lake outings, afternoons lounging by the pool and daily outdoor exposure, sun damage is inevitable for many of us in the Valley. And with the holidays nearing, this means having to… Read More →

Casino Del Sol’s P.Y. Steakhouse Serves Up European-Meets-Southwest Cuisine

P.Y. Steakhouse - AZ Business Magazine January/February 2012

Mixing business and pleasure: Casino Del Sol’s P.Y. Steakhouse serves up European-meets-Southwest cuisine in a chic environment Tucked within the newly expanded Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, P.Y. Steakhouse serves both a chic environment and exquisite cuisine for the guests of the well-known oasis of Southern Arizona. The expanded Casino Del Sol boasts a… Read More →

DIY Of The Week: Chalkboard Wall Calendar

DIY of the Week
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Instead of keeping yours and your family’s schedule written in a planner, save a few trees and write it on your wall instead. That’s right, your wall — on a chalkboard wall calendar. Although Martha Stewart has now given your kids a reason to write on the walls, at least you can wipe it right… Read More →

BizBox Offers Innovative, Mobile Platform To Help Expand Businesses

by in Green | Small Biz

While businesses may be making more of an effort to increase their digital presence on mobile devices such as Smartphones, others are considering a mobile platform that physically brings their business’s products and services directly to their target audience — with BizBox. Barrett-Jackson Auction Company and Skullcandy have, and BizBox has only been in business… Read More →

Lomography: (2) Days Of Summer In Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown L.A.
by in Snapshot | Travel

Last summer, in 2011, I took a road trip with a few people to Los Angeles, Calif. From Phoenix, Ariz., that’s about a six-hour ride, but to us, time flew by with an incredible concert (The Avett Brothers) impending and a few days of exploring the concrete jungle of Downtown Los Angeles just around the… Read More →

Raven Events, Promote Face-to-Face Networking

Raven Events, - AZ Business Magazine November/December 2011

Raven Events, Promote Business-to-Business Events, Face-to-Face Networking Many business owners have embraced Facebook and Twitter as a way to build virtual relationships with their customers. “As far as social media goes, I think it has allowed people to believe that they can (network) very easily, and that they can do it well,” says Raven… Read More →

GoGreen Conference ’11 Sustainability Panel Discussions (Part II)

Sustainability Discussions at the GoGreen Conference
by in Education | Events | Green

In the first part of the GoGreen Conference ’11 coverage, we reported that sustainability education and patience were the buzzwords of many of the panel discussions. Here’s why: The panel discussion titled “Green Your Workplace: High Impact Change at Your Business,” moderated by Ed Fox, chief sustainability officer for APS, focused on how to turn… Read More →

GoGreen Conference ’11 Emphasizes Sustainability Education, Patience

GoGreen Conference '11
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Whether it’s educating attendees of green and sustainability in the workplace or the speakers’ efforts to educate public and private entities of sustainability in their community, “education” was the buzzword and couldn’t have been stressed enough at the GoGreen Conference ’11 this past Tuesday, November 15. Well, that and a lot of patience. “It’s not… Read More →

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess’s Bourbon Steak Impresses

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Bourbon Steak, AB Magazine November/December 2011

If you’re superstitious, you might believe bad things happen in sets of three. If you’re an optimist, you might believe “the third time’s a charm.” Well, Bourbon Steak debunks both well-known expressions. At Bourbon Steak, each dish presented in a trio is nothing short of mouthwatering, and patrons are willing to spend the triple digits… Read More →

Novo Solutions MD Repairs Damaged Skin With Umbilical Cord Serum

Novo Solutions MD
by in Rejuvenate

It may make some cringe and others uncomfortable, but one may be surprised at how umbilical cord serum can actually reverse the signs of aging and give your skin the stimulation it needs to appear younger and rejuvenated. Novo Solutions MD, a recently launched, science-based skin care line, is unlike any other on the market.… Read More →

District American Kitchen And Wine Bar: Amazing Ambiance, Appetizers and Alcohol

District American Kitchen and Wine Bar
by in Dining

Amazing ambiance, appetizers and alcohol make District American Kitchen and Wine Bar a great post-work hangout Yesterday was one just one of those days. Counting down the minutes until the end of my business day, all I had on my mind was that I needed to de-stress. The best way? A wine bar, of course.… Read More →

Women in Construction AZ Provides A Women-Only Environment To Network

Women in Construction AZ - AZ Business Magazine September/October 2011

Women in Construction AZ provides a women-only environment to congregate, relate concerns and network The blueprint for success in the construction industry is no longer signed with ink and set in stone. It’s going through a few revisions, redrafting from a predominately male world to a more level, coed playing field. Women are throwing on… Read More →