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A native of Hanover, New Hampshire, Laine Seaton is the Executive Director of Environmental Fund for Arizona, a partnership of 29 environmental and conservation nonprofits across Arizona. Prior to EFAZ, Laine worked in fundraising for several nonprofits in Arizona including the Sonoran Institute, and prior to this, she served as an Account Executive with the Grizzard agency, a Los Angeles fundraising and marketing firm that assists nonprofit clients in direct-mail, print and broadcast advertising, and web marketing. Her background also includes work in book/magazine publishing and freelance writing.

Adding Leverage To Going Green At Arizona Businesses

Minnesota flag
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Minnesota is kicking our butt. No, I’m not talking ice hockey or the fact that they have 10,000 lakes — yes, it’s not just their state motto. Rather, I’m talking about their killer support for their environment — hey, they have 10,000 lakes to keep pristine remember? But seriously, Minnesota is leaving us in the… Read More →