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Megan Donoghue grew up in Florida and is currently a student at the University of Central Florida. She will be graduating in December with a degree in journalism and anthropology. She enjoys traveling, scuba diving and writing about her adventures.

Steven Koeppel, Owner Of Scottsdale Jean Company, Comes Out On Top By Selling Bottoms

Steve Koeppelle, Owner, Scottsdale Jean Company - AZ Business Magazine June 2010

Steven Koeppel Scottsdale Jean Company Title: Owner Est: 2005  | “You can never learn too much and you can never be too smart – ask a lot of questions.” – Steven Koeppel, owner of Scottsdale Jean Company When it comes to battling with the best in the retail clothing world, Scottsdale Jean Company is… Read More →

Solar Trees: Growing Green

by in Green | Tech

We’ve all heard that money doesn’t grow on trees. Does it grow on solar trees? One of the latest solar inventions, the Solar Tree, is digging its roots into the business world and residential communities. The idea of the solar tree first sprouted on the streets of Vienna. The concept was a little different, but… Read More →

Justin Marsh, Of Arthur Andrew Medical, Uses Japanese Enzymes To Cure People

Arthur Andrew Medical

Justin Marsh Arthur Andrew Medical Title: Founder and CEO Est: 1999  | Justin Marsh, co-founder and CEO of Arthur Andrew Medical, is shining a light on an unconventional approach to improving health. But it all started far from the world of medicine. Marsh left college with an electronics engineering degree and began his career… Read More →