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Cash Flow Strategies For Contractors

As the construction market continues its slow recovery, now is a good time to review your cash flow strategies. Questions to consider: How much bad debt can my company absorb before having a critical impact on my balance sheet and cash flows? Who bears the risk of non-payment by the ultimate project owner? Do I… Read More →

Managing Downstream And Upstream Risks

Managing Downstream and Upstream Risks
by in Industry Insiders

Examine your company’s cash flow needs and managing downstream and upstream risks Even the strongest, most sophisticated contractor has probably taken a lump or two over the past year as a result of one of the worst stretches the construction industry has seen in decades. Because of these challenges, there are many ways that you… Read More →

Cash is King, but Wrong Choices Can Bring Down a Contractor

by in Economy | Real Estate

You’ve heard the phrase a million times – “Cash is king.” But what are we trying to accomplish with cash? Does cash equal success? Profit? Stability? Does a lack of cash signal a problem? It all depends on your perspective. Contractors are in a unique business where everything is based off of estimates, so revenue… Read More →