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Nicole Klauss is a recent graduate from Arizona State University. She has a degree in print journalism with an emphasis in business journalism.

Transform Your Bathroom With A Lot Of Imagination And Little Money

Transform Your Bathroom — Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

From boring to breathtaking: All it takes is a lot of imagination and a little money to transform your bathroom into a relaxing space Spending time de-stressing at spas can get expensive. Luckily, you don’t need to travel to a resort to unwind and relax. There are several ways that homeowners can turn their lifeless… Read More →

Homeowners Opt For A Personalized Remodel To Enjoy For Years

Personalized Remodels - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011
by in Remodeling

Investing thousands of dollars into sprucing up a room or two in a home may seem fruitless when the housing market is down and people aren’t buying. However, homeowners are continuing to remodel their homes, but for different reasons than in the past. A personalized remodel can create a home people will love and enjoy… Read More →

Easy Kitchen Remodel With Details In Mind

Kitchen Remodel - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

It doesn’t take a lot for a family-friendly kitchen upgrade; keep these improvements in mind. The kitchen has always been a focal point for connecting with your family, so it’s important to transform your kitchen into a food- and family-friendly haven. But this doesn’t mean you have to completely remodel the room. There are a… Read More →

Law Firms Report Stability In Financial Industry

by in AZ Business Magazine | Finance

Law Firms, Lawyers See Stability in Financial Industry As Arizona struggles to recover from a struggling economy, law firms are seeing a rise in the number of complaints filed in relation to banks and loans. Arizona lawyers have specifically seen an increasing number of claims involving commercial real estate and foreclosures. This indicates to lawyers… Read More →

Now Is The Right Time For Business Lending, Financial Banking

Business Lending - AZ Business Magazine November/December 2011
by in AZ Business Magazine | Finance

Now is the Right Time for Business Lending, Financial Banking Now might be the right time for businesses looking for financial backing to reach out to banks to help with plans for expansion and growth. “When small businesses are given the tools to grow, that means growth for the economy,” says Craig P. Doyle, Arizona… Read More →

Arizona Bankers Association Impacts State’s Economy, Communities

Arizona Bankers Association, Bankers Give Back - AZ Business Magazine November/December 2011
by in AZ Business Magazine | Finance

Arizona Bankers Association Impacts State’s Economy, Communities Bank of Arizona President Ryan Suchala recognizes the importance of community. “This is where we live, work and play and in many cases the city where we are shaping our families,” Suchala says. “As a father of three I give my time to better our community because this… Read More →

Leticia Ortiz, CEO, Mi Escuela Spanish Academy

Leticia Ortiz, Mi Escuela Spanish Academy
by in Education | Small Biz

Small Biz: Mi Escuela Spanish Academy Shortly after moving to the United States three years ago, Leticia Ortiz opened a business with her husband called Family Time. Family Time was an indoor playground for children designed to keep them from spending all of their time on electronic gadgets. Due to the tough economy, Family Time… Read More →

Bikram Yoga Works Every Part Of The Body, In A 100-Degree Room

Bikram Yoga - Scottsdale Living July/August 2011

Bikram yoga works every part of the body and increases one’s health — all while in a 100-degree room Yoga reshapes and constructs the body from the inside out. Therefore, the body needs to be heated to be more flexible so it can be reshaped. And Bikram yoga does just that, unlike any other form… Read More →

20 Lounge, Beauty Bars Make Fashionable More Financially Friendly

20 Lounge, Scottsdale, Ariz.
by in Style

20 Lounge, Beauty Bars Make Fashionable More Financially Friendly When forced to make tough financial decisions in this tough economy, some women may be sacrificing routine beauty regimens to save money. But staying fashionable and getting pampered doesn’t have to be something that gets cut from the budget. Beauty bars are making it possible for… Read More →

Michelle De Blasi’s Passion For The Environment Carries Through All Her Work

Michelle De Blasi Partner, Quarles & Brady
by in Executive Lifestyle | Featured | Green

Michelle De Blasi Partner, Quarles & Brady Attorney Michelle De Blasi is passionate about the work she does on issues concerning the environment. After completing her undergraduate studies at Arizona State University, De Blasi attended law school at the University of  Washington and worked for the federal government for six years on oil spills and… Read More →

Valley Forward’s Goals Are Important To Dan Litteral’s Company, Apollo Group

Green Law - Valley Forward’s Goals Are Important To Dan Litteral’s Company, Apollo Group
by in Executive Lifestyle | Featured | Green

Dan Litteral Vice President/Legal & Associate General Counsel Apollo Group/University of Phoenix Dan Litteral has been in higher education and has practiced regulatory law for more than 20 years, and that experience has enhanced his involvement with Valley Forward. Litteral joined Valley Forward in 2007 through Apollo Group and the University of Phoenix, which have… Read More →

Valley Forward Profiles Adrienne Howell Of Southwest Gas

Adrienne Howell Southwest Gas
by in Executive Lifestyle | Featured | Green

Adrienne Howell Southwest Gas Administrator/Community and Consumer Affairs Adrienne Howell has a diverse background that allows her to excel in her current position at Southwest Gas. During her career, Howell has worked in human relations, communications, management, marketing and sales. As community and consumer affairs administrator, her responsibilities include developing and nurturing partnerships that strengthen… Read More →

A Dream Becomes A Reality for Ethiopian-Born Small Business Owner Misgana Kebede

Misgana Kebede Company - Accent Transportation Services - AZ Business Magazine Nov/Dec 2010

Misgana Kebede Company: Accent Transportation Services Title: Owner | Est.: 2008 Web: In May 2008, during the roughest stretch of the recession, a husband-and-wife team made a bold decision to start their own transportation business. Misgana Kebede and his wife, Bilen, started Accent Transportation Services, which specializes in executive car service around the Phoenix… Read More →

With 35 Years In The Resort Industry, David G. Rosenbaum And MPI Are Perfect Fit

David Rosenbaum - AZ Business Magazine Sep/Oct 2010
by in AZ Business Magazine | Economy

David G. Rosenbaum, CHME Director of Sales and Marketing Fiesta Resort Conference Center When David Rosenbaum first joined the Arizona Sunbelt Chapter of MPI 10 years ago, he was looking to take advantage of the group’s business and networking opportunities, and gain exposure to various meeting planners around the state. As he became more… Read More →

Rona Curphy, President And CEO Of Casa Grande Regional Medical Center

Rona Curphy - AZ Business Magazine Sept/Oct 2010

Rona Curphy President And CEO Casa Grande Regional Medical Center As president and CEO of Casa Grande Regional Medical Center, Rona Curphy has moved to the top of the medical field thanks to her years of dedication. From 2002 to 2009, Curphy served as the chief nursing officer at the nonprofit community-based hospital in… Read More →