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I have been interested in obtaining better health for many years now, especially after dealing with valley fever. After that experience, I knew how important it was to keep up my health. I never wanted to feel that way again. I learned a lot on my journey back to health and have made a lot of discoveries that I want to share with people. We don't have to suffer when we are older if we will take the steps now to protect our health. We will be glad we did. I am currently available evenings and weekends for events or appointments in reflexology, raphaology and sole speak coaching (aka toe reading - which can also be done online).

Don’t Eat Dead Food – “Peak Up” Your Meals Through Raphaology

Not all food is considered equal. Let me explain. I consider many foods today “dead food,” because they have been genetically modified or grown in depleted soil and no longer contain the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. Some foods can actually deplete your body of nutrients. They can cause the body to pull… Read More →

Relieve Stress Through Reflexology

reflexology reduce stress solar plexus point
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Reflexology is a study of the feet and how specific points on the feet relate to specific parts of the body. Through reflexology, the nerve endings in the feet are stimulated, which can help to relieve stress, improve blood supply, unblock nerve impulses and help to achieve a balance of the flow of energy throughout… Read More →

Frequencies-R-Us – Healing Through The Mind-Body Connection

healing frequencies
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Being able to release the frequencies of unhealthy emotions is where true healing begins. When I was about 10 years old, I was fascinated by a TV show that was on channel 8, our local Public Broadcasting Station. I remember they showed a chicken and then they took the DNA of the chicken and somehow… Read More →

Basic Raphaology: Healing Starts With The Sun

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When I heard about raphaology and what it was about, it immediately made sense to me. The principles are basic — give the body what it needs to heal, and it will heal. However, the American diet is so far off track. If we can get back to the basics, get back to the foods… Read More →

The Raphaology Lifestyle: Make The Switch To Peak Foods

Raphaology, Peak Foods

The Raphaology Lifestyle: Make The Switch To Peak Foods Suffering from liver cancer, kidney disease, gluten intolerance and several other maladies, Dr. Morning Wolf knew she needed to find a cure, a way to heal. As part of her healing, she to traveled to different countries, where she learned the healing practices of other indigenous… Read More →

Just Say No To GMO

Genetically Modified Foods, GMO
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GMO foods are foods that have been genetically modified. They have been injected with a foreign substance in an effort to make food more resistant to disease, insects, frost or some other purpose. The problem is that these foods are often injected with a virus, bacteria or other carrier that alters the original food and… Read More →