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Samantha Belli is an AZ Big Media intern and a recent graduate from Arizona State University. Originally from California, she enjoys soaking up the Arizona sun while exploring her new stomping grounds. In her spare time she battles an addiction to fashion blogs, architecture and art.

Luxurious Home Showers No Longer Just Reserved For Affluent Retreats

Photo: Central Arizona Supply

Shower sensations: Channeling the chic sensibility of lavish resort spas, luxurious home showers are no longer just reserved for affluent retreats. Evolving from a place with a distinct purpose to a lavish escape, home showers are becoming a peaceful getaway and the focal point of the bathroom. Incorporating features such as steam rooms, surround sound… Read More →

Sandy Beaches, Resort-Inspired Pool Spaces Transform One’s Backyard

Scottsdale Living Magazine Summer 2012, Backyard Living

There’s No Place Like Home: Sandy beaches, resort-inspired pool spaces and more transform one’s backyard All sweating aside, it’s never easy to stay cooped up indoors all summer despite how luxurious the air conditioning feels in contrast to the blistering 100-plus-degree temperatures outside. As families are looking for more alternatives to stay active while staying… Read More →

Escaping Kitchen’s Bermuda (Work) Triangle

kitchen work triangle

Gone are the days of the traditional kitchen work triangle as homeowners alike expand their kitchen needs into multiple work zones. Before the trend of multiple sinks, double ovens, detached cook tops and hidden appliances, kitchen setups followed the golden rule of what is known as the “work triangle.” Conceived in the late 1940s by… Read More →

Resort Wear Fashion For Everyday Style

Resort Wear
by in Style

We may not be regular jet-setters or packing our bags for a vacation in Saint Tropez, but that doesn’t have to stop us from incorporating the effortless and inherently versatile flow of resort wear fashion into our everyday outfits. Resort wear has come a long way since matching Hawaiian shirts for couples and rainbow hibiscus… Read More →

Tweetup Parties Create Buzz For Your Business

tweetup parties
by in Events | Marketing

From hashtags to reality, companies everywhere are hosting tweetup parties to create immediate buzz about their business. As there are just certain things you can’t say in 140 characters or less, local businesses, large and small, are finding that Twitter is a great tool to help them engage and reach out to customers, clients, fans… Read More →

New Flash Sale Site, LuxeYard, Offers Unique Home Design Feature

by in Design | Interior Design | Style

As the economy took a turn for the worst in 2007, the demand for high-end luxury items quickly followed. Emerging from the ashes came a new billion-dollar industry of online flash sale sites. Such member-only sites offered their trusted followers deep discounts on high-end luxury items. With this new wave of e-commerce shopping, the flash… Read More →

New Liposonix Procedure Decreases Waistline With Ultrasound Energy

by in New You

As Arizonans live in shorts and a bathing suit come summertime (or more like springtime), a revolutionary procedure, Liposonix, helps get bodies back in shape for bikini season. With revolutionary ultrasound technology, Liposonix is an FDA approved procedure that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) to permanently destroy fat cells. In a one-time, one-hour treatment,… Read More →

The Unexpected Fashion Trends Of Spring 2012

Spring 2012 Trends
by in Beauty | Style

As the bright shades found on the spring 2012 runways were foreseen, a few unexpected trends popped up and have been taking the fashion community by storm ever since. Both eccentric and highly contagious, the trends of cropped tops, mixing prints, peplums and pleats are in this season. Staying on the pulse of fashion, these… Read More →

The Power Of Pastel Shades

Pastel Fashion
by in Style

Like Easter eggs, fresh flowers and seasonal allergies, pastel shades are synonymous with springtime. Hues such as light yellow, icy blue, blush pink, light lavender and mint green are key players in this season’s trend-setting color palette. Such shades normally reserved for the nursery lit up the spring runways and are now changing the faces… Read More →

Welcome To America Project Lends Assistance To Local Refugees

Welcome To America
by in Events | Small Biz

Refugees find welcoming support with local nonprofit organization, Welcome to America Project. Escaping worn-torn countries in search of safety, housing and a future for their family, legal refugees resettled by the United Nations attempt to lay new roots in Phoenix with the help and support of the Welcome to America Project. The United Nations defines… Read More →

The Beauty Within Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon
by in Play

The most photographed and most visited slot canyon in the American Southwest calls Page Arizona near Lake Powell home. Within the 120-foot walls of the stunning Antelope Canyon lies a sacred and spiritual place on the LeChee Chapter land of the Navajo Nation. Divided into two parts, Upper and Lower Canyon, you are greeted with… Read More →

Awards, Auctions And Celebrations In Store For Celebrity Fight Night 2012

Celebrity Fight Night
by in Events

It is one of the nation’s most notable charities, raising nearly $70 million in 17 years, and this year’s nonprofit Celebrity Fight Night will be a particularly special, black-tie event — it’s Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday. Originated in 1994 by long-time Arizona resident, Jimmy Walker, the event featured local celebrities who donned oversized boxing gloves… Read More →

Phoenix-Based Hannay Realty Advisors Expands to Colorado

Hannay Reality Advisors - Denver

Longtime Phoenix-based property management and commercial real estate investment firm, Hannay Realty Advisors, has opened an office in Colorado to expand presence. To take the lead of the new office, Denver-based commercial real estate executive Bruce Backstrom has been brought on as senior vice president and manager of the Hannay Realty Advisors’ Colorado office in… Read More →

The Key To Male Vitality: Naturally Increasing Testosterone

Male Vitality, Increasing Testosterone
by in Prevention

With its important role of helping to maintain bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, red blood cell production and sex drive, it’s no secret that testosterone in men is a vital hormone. In that, the overwhelming realization of this hormone decreasing with age — about one percent every year after 30 — causes… Read More →

Date Night: Kalibre, Kazimierz, Mabel's And More

Date Night
by in Date Night

Choosing the right outfit Offering a unique collection of styles, Lindsay Lou is the perfect one-stop shop to get that great date night outfit — and even a few other pieces. Lindsay Lou 6107 N. Scottsdale Rd. (480) 443-2522 Perfect jewelery To match the outfit you spent hours picking out, you’re going to need… Read More →