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Employers may want to reconsider dog policy in the workplace

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If you’re a dog lover but are not quite lucky enough to be employed by a company that allows dogs in the office, then maybe with a bit of information and perseverance you can snag a break and get to spend the occasional workday with your canine friend. But why should your company let you… Read More →

Streamlining The Kitchen For A Clean, Cohesive & Organized Space

streamlining the kitchen

Streamlined Design: This contemporary look — streamlining the kitchen — creates a cohesive, clean and organized kitchen. While the economy continues recovering and the housing market rebounds, homeowners are looking at ways to improve their home’s value and aesthetic appeal. One of 2013’s projected enhancement trends is streamlining the kitchen’s design by matching appliances and… Read More →

My Dietitian App Pairs Nutritionist With Smartphone Users, Analyzes Diet

My Dietian
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Balancing a proper diet can be difficult for many Americans, especially in a food industry prolifically driven by non-nutritional corn-derivative products. Some people try reading labels to avoid unwanted ingredients, others eat food marketed as natural or organic. But sometimes these methods don’t work when dieting because hidden nutrients in food, good and bad, are… Read More →

Valley Diamond Retailer, Avilan Diamonds, Recycling The Jewel

Photo: Avilan Diamonds
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As global outcry increases over Africa’s blood diamond industry and the environmental impacts of traditional mining, one Scottsdale diamond company, Avilan Diamonds, is trying to fight back by recycling the precious stone. Instead of purchasing new diamonds to sell at its Valley store, Avilan Diamonds offers consumers previously owned jewels to support the idea of… Read More →

Paid time off to vote? Yes, in Arizona!

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As the November election approaches, Americans gear up to exercise their greatest civic duty — voting. But finding the time to vote is a luxury many working voters struggle with. However, Arizona law simplifies this process by dictating that employers must give eligible voters up to three hours of paid leave in order to vote… Read More →

Joy Bus Brings Food, Smiles To Cancer Patients

The Joy Bus

Rafael Figueroa, 48, suffers from stage-four colon and liver cancer, Wagner’s disease, pancreatic cysts and valley fever. But despite his ailing health, Rafael smiles every Friday at the sight of Jennifer Caraway and her free, home-cooked meal. Caraway is the president of the Joy Bus, a non-for-profit organization she founded offering free, hand-delivered, home-cooked food… Read More →

Fix24 Chiropractic Practices Gonstead Method As Pain Relief

Dr. Michael Robb, owner of Fix24
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The human body is an amalgam of intricate mechanical and biological processes. From the millions of living organisms residing inside it, to the skeletal system’s movement, a simple misalignment can throw the body off its normal routine, creating pain or illness. “Anything that is mechanical has to be maintained,” says Dr. Michael Robb, owner of… Read More →

The Nest Haunted House Offers Visceral, Visual Excitement

The Nest, Arizona Haunted House
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“The Nest,” a haunted house in Chandler, Ariz., is an enjoyable visual experience showcasing grisly props, a splendid cast and fun illusions. The attraction has received yearly awards as being one of the best haunted houses in the country, and a few people in the media tour were definitely screaming. As for me, although I… Read More →

From Phoenix Fire Chief To Fashion Week: LaBarbera, Sullivan Family Reflects On 100 Years In Arizona

The LaBarbera Family
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As Arizona’s centennial nears its completion, one Valley family reflects on its Arizona heritage ― a history that began even before Arizona became a state in 1912. From building a barbershop and tap dancing at Orpheum Theater, to launching Northern Arizona State University’s campus police department and walking the runway of Phoenix Fashion Week, the… Read More →

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Campaigns at ASU

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A crowd of nearly 100 amassed Wednesday afternoon to support Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, who spoke during a campaign rally at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus. Johnson, a former two term New Mexico governor, presents himself as a socially liberal and fiscally conservative candidate. Among his positions are legalizing gay marriage and marijuana, giving… Read More →

Phoenix Airport Museum Celebrates Phoenix Zoo's 50th Anniversary With "Art Gone Wild"

Phoenix Airport Museum, Art Gone Wild
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Sky Harbor International Airport is embracing its inner animal by celebrating the Phoenix Zoo’s 50th anniversary with an “Art Gone Wild” exhibit. The Phoenix Airport Museum’s exhibit features more than 20 ceramic and bronze wildlife sculptures by Heidi Uotila, and more than 70 animal pictures created by local children, says Jeri Walker, a Phoenix Airport… Read More →

Phoenix Mingles Offers Singles "Old-School" Connection

Phoenix Mingles logo
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Exhausted from the day’s work, a 27-year-old man loosens his tie, grabs a beer from the fridge and flops into an oversized armchair to watch Monday night’s game. His apartment is quiet; he gave up long ago on meeting someone through the bar scene, and sifting through online dating profiles didn’t pan out. The working… Read More →

Fish Restocked For Valley's Urban Fishing Program

Fish Restocked for Valley's Urban Fishing Program
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As Valley temperatures slowly begin to dip back into double digits, urban anglers restock their tackle box and prepare for the local fishing season. There are 12 urban lakes and four urban ponds scattered around the Valley, and on September 17, the Arizona Game and Fish Department restocked the local fishing spots with channel catfish,… Read More →

Espionage En Couture Fashion Show To Feature Furne One's Spring 2013 Collection

Furne One at Espionage En Couture
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A recorded voice clearing a plane to land crackles over an intermingling crowd. People shuffle toward their respective seats, and the overhead lights are extinguished, plunging the aircraft hangar into darkness. Flashing blue lights illuminate a diamond-shaped runway; spotlights center on an opening jet door and out strides Noir Partie Trois: Espionage En Couture’s celebrity… Read More →

Zone Athletic Performance Helps Prepare Youths For College Sports

Photos: Zone Athletic Performance
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Zone Athletic Performance, a Scottsdale professional athletic training company, is gearing its program toward middle school and high school students who aspire to be collegiate or professional athletes. The recently launched Sports Performance Academy trains youth athletes in technique, nutrition, exercise and conditioning. “The same guys who are coaching our pro athletes are also going… Read More →