AZRE- November/December 2012

AZRE Magazine March/April 2016

Let the adventures begin

Grab your favorite beverage and find a comfortable chair, because we have a lot to cover in the March/April issue of AZRE. This spring marks the 11th year of the RED Awards. If you’re not familiar with RED, think of it as the Academy Awards of commercial real estate — with better content and less controversy. If you are familiar, you won’t be disappointed, as 2016 presents another year full of noteworthy projects and talent, not to mention much, much more.

In addition to our RED section, you’ll get the latest updates in West Valley and Indian Country development — can we say, “Hello, infrastructure expansion?” Readers will also have a chance to become familiarized with a company who has thrived on positive workplace culture and philanthropy for 35 years in the Valley — Commercial Properties, Inc.

The story I was most excited to write this month was directly linked to feedback from our readership. In the spirit of delivering the news that matters the most to the industry, we’re covering Arizona’s skilled labor dilemma and taking a look at how we arrived at a place with a dwindled construction workforce and what actions can be imparted toward potential solutions. Going forward, I’m on a mission to bring similar content to the pages — subject matter that’s close to your hearts and hits to the core of timely issues vital to Arizona’s commercial landscape.

Since I promised (mostly to myself) not to make a Star Wars reference in this issue, I’ll close with a Hobbit quote from Gandalf instead: “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure.” May this issue inspire your next CRE adventure!

Erica Davis, Associate Editor