NAIOP Commercial Real Estate 2014: A Special AZRE Report

Out of Office

Earlier this year, I was at a conference where the keynote spent a good portion of his speech poking fun at Millennials. One of the highlights of the speech had to do with a claim that people between the ages of 18 and 33 are an exceptionally demanding group of employees.

The Generation Y subgroup needs fun around every corner, stimulating workspaces that allow focus as well as collaboration and are, essentially, turning the modern office space concept on its head. Many Millennials work remotely when we can, and on the occasions when we do come into the office, we like working in a versatile environment — one that, as the speaker pointed out, has billiard tables that double as a cot for our nap times. His claim may be a stretch, but while researching the September cover story about this rapidly changing office sector that’s leaving many offices around town vacant, I saw my fair share of creative hacks that can keep a hefty percentage of our buildings, namely those in Midtown, from becoming functionally
obsolete (page 72).

Another sector seeing a surge of Millennial influence is multifamily. We have the scoop on the paradigm shift taking over the sector and where industry experts see the trend moving in the next few years (page 42).

Also in this issue, AZRE introduces its inaugural legislative update, featuring a look at the hot button topics being handled by the industry’s organizations (page 20), including NAIOP, which makes quite the appearance in the latter half of this magazine.

NAIOP and its members are making huge waves across the Valley, featured in dozens of large industrial and office projects you can see on page 84. Its “Dream Team” members also find time to feed thousands of homeless every year in a charity program that has a waiting list longer than a year’s worth of volunteer work can accommodate. For the first time in two years, AZRE presents the annual NAIOP roundtable, which you can read on page 50.

’Til November,
Amanda Ventura, Editor
Associate editor, AZRE