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HomeSmart hiring 120 agents a month

In today’s real estate market, HomeSmart International stands out. HomeSmart is one of the top ten brokerage company’s in the country, and it is based right here in Phoenix.

The real estate market is tough, and while most jobs can be scarce, HomeSmart sheds an optimistic light, having hired 40 new agents last month. The company plans to hire 120 agents each month in the coming year.

“With the hiring of these new agents, we’re finding the real estate market is solid, “ said HomeSmart International CEO Chuck Lemire. “I know we won’t see double digit increases, but we’re moving forward.”

Though HomeSmart has hired a decent amount of agents in the past weeks, they won’t just accept anyone.

“What matters is how you do the sale: professionally,” Lemire said. “We don’t look for the highest producing sales people, we are a company that is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you do just one transaction a year, what matters is how you do that transaction.”

What makes HomeSmart International stand out is just how hardworking the agents are.

“Real estate agents at HomeSmart are all about the dedication,” said new agent Victoria Bija. “The hard work we get in is what we put out.”

“The most dedicated agents are the most successful. I know agents who work seven months a year, and I know agents who work 24/7, like myself. The hard work I put in is the gratification I get out.”

HomeSmart makes sure to take care of its agents, as well. With perks such as on-the-job training and professional support that’s available to employees only. Lemire makes sure that “designated employees are always there” for the agents.

Lemire and Bija both feel confident that Phoenix’s real estate market will grow. The state of Arizona has proven to be one of the fastest areas to recover from the economy, recovering fast than Las Vegas.

“Arizona was hit hard because it’s a desirable place to live,” Bija said. “We don’t need flood insurance, we have no natural disasters, no snowstorms. It’s just a more practical place to live.”

Lemire agrees that Arizona will move forward in a positive direction.

“People need to realize that you buy your home for your family,” Lemire says. “These types of buyers stay in their home longer.”