Local’s Choice: The State of Arizona’s Ballparks

One of my favorite things about growing up in Arizona is the fact that I could play sports outside all year long. I played softball from the time I was 5 years-old until I was a senior in high school at 18 years-old with my younger sister. Even through the grueling heat in the summers, we were never physically stopped from playing games and tournaments by rain or snow. Almost every weekend there were games and tournaments available at fields throughout the Valley and Tucson such as Tempe Sports Complex, Kiwanis Park, Papago Softball Complex and a myriad of others, which attracted many out-of-state teams, especially during the winter months. I once talked with a team from Colorado that was forced to practice indoors on a terf (rather than dirt) floor during the winter snow season. This is definitely not a concern in Arizona, especially in Phoenix.

Arizona is also home to some of the best softball and baseball programs in the country. The University of Arizona has won 8 national championships in softball, led by Olympic coach Mike Candrea, and 4 national championships in baseball. Mike Candrea also leads softball camps and clinics during the summer. Arizona State University has also been a powerhouse in softball and baseball in recent years. There are games multiple times a week in the spring at the campus stadiums for visitors to experience a great game and school spirit.

Because of the arid climate, Arizona is a prime destination for outdoor sports fans of all kinds. Just be sure to keep hydrated!


About Sara Parker

Sara is an editorial intern for AZ Big Media. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Spanish and is currently attending Arizona State University in the Scholarly Publishing certificate program. She has also written for AZTechBeat. Sara's favorite place in Scottsdale is the Sugar Bowl.