Summer makeup tutorials with Scottsdale 16’s Tonya Gabriel

Feel good and look beautiful this summer with step-by-step makeup hints and tricks to get that perfect summer looks from Scottsdale 16’s Tonya Gabriel.

The Scottsdale 16, a part of Steve LeVine Entertainment & Public Relations, is a group of young, beautiful women in Arizona who are booked for a variety of events across the Valley, including corporate parties, special events, and modeling for promotional or runway shows. Gabriel knows what is trending and is showing us how we can get the perfect day and night looks for the summer with directional tutorials and product recommendations.


“You want it to be very easy, less is more and don’t forger your sunblock,” says Gabriel.  To keep your day make up looking good all day Gabriel stresses the necessity of primer. Primers allow for better wear and they can be used for eye shadow and skin makeup. To prevent a makeup mishap in the summer heat Gabriel uses “really light foundation, maybe even a bb cream or a tinted moisturizer for healthy day look.”

Pool parties are all the buzz in the summer months and having right makeup is a must. “Keep it simple,” says Gabriel; for a pool party look she recommends sunblock, tinted moisturizer, water proof mascara, a long wearing lip color and a little bit of bronzer.

There are two common mistakes girls make with their daytime summer makeup according to Gabriel. First, girls do not using sunblock or they don’t have any SPF in their products. Second, they apply heavy foundation — “you want your skin to breath during the day.”


Gabriel talks about the differences in night makeup, “for night you want to focus on certain features, so you want to go bold with your brows and lips.” You can also ad lashes for more drama. Girls, Gabriel says, sometimes make the mistake when trying to get that bold dramatic look they go big with everything. “Less is more” with night makeup too, says Gabriel, and girls make the mistake and go big with eyes, cheeks, lips and it is too much. She recommends picking one or two things, like the eyes and lips or focus on the skin with contorting.

It does not matter if you’re hanging out in the sun this summer or getting ready for a night on the town, the big makeup trend this summer is radiant hydrated skin that is healthy and glowing. Do not forget a bold lip using fun summer colors like orange, coral, and pinks to perfect any summer look according to Gabriel.