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How to utilize tax code, healthcare to increase retirement savings

Key Elements to Retirement Planning

According to a recent survey from, one in three Americans have no retirement savings, while only 56% have less than $10,000 saved. What many don’t know, and something local financial adviser and author of “Climbing the Retirement Mountain” Calvin Goetz shares with his clients at Strategy Financial Group, is that they could already be… Read More →

How retirees can maximize their travel time

Key Elements to Retirement Planning

Travel is a rite of passage for retirees who have outgrown the trappings of work or childrearing and have built up a nest egg to take on those travel experiences they’ve been craving. According to a report from Merrill Lynch, 95 percent of retirees would rather spend their money on experiences, than buy new things.… Read More →

3 steps to help fund your next vacation

Retro Swimsuits - Scottsdale Living Magazine Spring 2012

Planning for a vacation can be an enjoyable process, but oftentimes even the most successful travelers may overlook their vacation budget. Setting money aside before leaving home – or even booking a vacation – is a smart strategy.  If you’re planning a vacation this year, here are some tips to that may help you stay… Read More →

BestCompaniesAZ names 100 Best Companies in Arizona

It is the purpose of BestCompaniesAZ and our calling – and has been for 15 years. We knew that better workplaces would create better lives, better communities, and more profitable businesses. Although it wasn’t about the money, the financial success was proven to be a benefit for best companies. Ten years ago, we were excited… Read More →

AFR Wholesale opens 1st regional office in Scottsdale

AFR Wholesale, a division of American Financial Resources, Inc., announced the opening of its first regional office, located in Scottsdale. AFR Wholesale, the wholesale/correspondent division of American Financial Resources, Inc., serves a nationwide network of more than 1,000 wholesale/correspondent brokers making it one of the largest providers of these services in the country. AFR Wholesale… Read More →

Tips for confronting and tackling holiday debt

After A Long Recession, Over-Spending May Be Tempting

Confronting debt may be something many Americans resolve to do in 2017, especially after the holidays. When tackling post-holiday debt Americans should consider laying out a clear, coherent plan – and sticking to it without neglecting their other long-term financial goals, such as saving for retirement. If you want to reduce your holiday debt, you… Read More →

People just aren’t saving enough money these days

The old line, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” seems to have been forgotten in recent years. It goes without saying how important it is to save. Without some sort of savings you can’t retire comfortably, meet sudden costs like healthcare emergencies, or afford that really expensive camera you’ve had your eye on. The… Read More →

Q&A with FEI Arizona president on mission, industry changes

In his first five years as chief financial officer at Total Transit, Lawrence Eisel helped quadruple the company’s revenue. To do that, he implemented several changes that showcased his vision, including implementation of a balanced scorecard process, establishing an internal audit function and coordinating an estate planning project that will ultimately save millions in future… Read More →

MRA Associates recognized on prestigious list

Phoenix-based MRA Associates, an independent wealth management firm, was recently recognized in the Best Places to Work in Money Management list by Pensions & Investments Magazine of firms with less than 50 employees. Presented by Pensions & Investments, the global news source of money management, the fifth-annual Best Places to Work in Money Management survey and recognition program… Read More →

Winners of the 2016 CFO of the Year Awards

CFO of the Year Awards

FEI Arizona presented the CFO of the Year Awards on Thursday to senior level financial professionals for outstanding performance in their roles as corporate financial leaders and stewards. The nominations and awards recognize exemplary financial management in three business sectors: public, private and nonprofit. Click below to view photos in fullscreen   Photos by Michael… Read More →

Using crayons to learn how to manage credit

Alisa Glutz has worked in the mortgage business and credit industry for over a decade, as a broker and now as a licensed mortgage professional, currently at the Scottsdale-based Cherry Creek Mortgage Company. She also once booked talent for HBO comedy specials and produced Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect” talk show, which ran for nine years.… Read More →

How can you tell if your 401(k) plan is underperforming?

A good 401(k) plan should be built around your goals, risk tolerances, anticipated age of retirement and expected rate of return. The problem is, many 401(k) plans are laden with high fees and underperforming investment choices, experts warn. “It is important to review your 401(k) plan at least every three months,” says Keith J. Kormos,… Read More →

KeatsConnelly appoints Sally A. Taylor as CEO

Financial Statements

Phoenix-based KeatsConnelly, the largest cross-border wealth management firm in North America that specializes in helping Canadians and Americans realize their dreams of a cross-border lifestyle, appointed Sally A. Taylor to chief executive officer and Bryant E. Andrus to president, respectively. In her new role, Taylor will be leading and setting the strategy for the company,… Read More →

Tips for Phoenix-bound Canadian Snowbirds

RBC Bank, the market leader in cross-border banking and real estate financing for Canadian Snowbirds visiting or staying longer-term in the United States, is welcoming Canadians back to Phoenix and other popular U.S. destinations for another season of golf, warm weather and relaxation. However, because the Canadian dollar (CAD) experienced a 16 percent decline against… Read More →