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Four tips to help small business owners plan for retirement

Employer Retirement Plans in Phoenix, Ariz.

Becoming financially stable so you can live comfortably in retirement is a goal that many of us spend our entire careers working towards. This is particularly true for small business owners who have spent their working years running a business with the intent to eventually retire. Fortunately, according to a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup survey, 82… Read More →

Most Influential Women: Sally A. Taylor, KeatsConnelly

Az Business and AZRE magazines announced the publications’ lists of the Most Influential Women in Arizona for 2017 in the July issues of the magazines. will be profiling each of the Most Influential Women in Arizona in the coming weeks. Here is today’s spotlight: Sally A. Taylor, CEO, KeatsConnelly In 2016, Taylor became CEO of… Read More →

Most Influential Women: Catherine Scrivano, CASCO Financial Group

Az Business and AZRE magazines announced the publications’ lists of the Most Influential Women in Arizona for 2017 in the July issues of the magazines. will be profiling each of the Most Influential Women in Arizona in the coming weeks. Here is today’s spotlight: Catherine Scrivano, president, CASCO Financial Group Best decision: “I made a… Read More →

How to stay cool as the stock market heats up

Investing advice

The stock market continues to heat up and hit new highs. Here are a few ways to stay cool and not sweat the pressure of the markets. Avoid the political distraction It seems like we see a daily tweet from the political arena that makes us scratch our heads and wonder what it could mean… Read More →

5 tips for kids who want to invest in stocks

Most people put off investing in stocks because it seems intimidating and expensive — and many never end up doing it.  But the earlier you start, the more likely you are to build some serious wealth. Here are five easy tips to help kids and teens get started.   1. Ask yourself:  Do I want to… Read More →

3 monumental financial mistakes people make before turning 50

The saying that youth is wasted on the young may be especially true when it comes to saving for retirement. People make a lot of financial mistakes when they are young. “Too many people wait way too long to start thinking about how much they will need to finance their retirement,” says Chris Heerlein, partner at… Read More →

Report: Millennials are improving credit scores in 2017

Millennials are taking their role as the next generation of homebuyers seriously, with one-third of them (33%) planning to purchase a home within the next four to five years, according to the Chase Slate 2017 Credit Outlook. That ambition has Millennials focusing on their credit scores and working to improve their credit health overall. “Millennials… Read More →

Elder financial abuse: The silent crime

Elder financial abuse has the potential to impact all of us on some level. Whether you are protecting a loved one from becoming a victim or actively taking precautions to protect your personal estate, fraud and exploitation is a risk that grows as people age. It is important for individuals to understand the magnitude of… Read More →

Lend a Hand program helps Arizonans pay off car title loans

Four community-focused organizations are launching a program to rescue Maricopa County residents struggling to pay off high cost title loans and help put them on a path to healthy credit and financial success. The program is called “Lend a Hand,” and is being offered through a partnership between the Arizona Community Foundation, MariSol Federal Credit… Read More →

Analyzing active and passive portfolio management

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. When you look at portfolio management, passive (indexing) and active strategies are the yin and yang of investing. However, most of the debate around passive versus active investing comes from those… Read More →

How to utilize tax code, healthcare to increase retirement savings

Key Elements to Retirement Planning

According to a recent survey from, one in three Americans have no retirement savings, while only 56% have less than $10,000 saved. What many don’t know, and something local financial adviser and author of “Climbing the Retirement Mountain” Calvin Goetz shares with his clients at Strategy Financial Group, is that they could already be… Read More →

How retirees can maximize their travel time

Key Elements to Retirement Planning

Travel is a rite of passage for retirees who have outgrown the trappings of work or childrearing and have built up a nest egg to take on those travel experiences they’ve been craving. According to a report from Merrill Lynch, 95 percent of retirees would rather spend their money on experiences, than buy new things.… Read More →

3 steps to help fund your next vacation

Retro Swimsuits - Scottsdale Living Magazine Spring 2012

Planning for a vacation can be an enjoyable process, but oftentimes even the most successful travelers may overlook their vacation budget. Setting money aside before leaving home – or even booking a vacation – is a smart strategy.  If you’re planning a vacation this year, here are some tips to that may help you stay… Read More →

BestCompaniesAZ names 100 Best Companies in Arizona

It is the purpose of BestCompaniesAZ and our calling – and has been for 15 years. We knew that better workplaces would create better lives, better communities, and more profitable businesses. Although it wasn’t about the money, the financial success was proven to be a benefit for best companies. Ten years ago, we were excited… Read More →